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Field, R.W. , Steck, D.J., Smith, B.J., Brus, C.P., Neuberger, J.S., Fisher, E.F. Platz, C.E., Robinson, R.A., Woolson, R.F., Lynch, C.F.. Residential Radon Gas Exposure and Lung Cancer: The Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study. American Journal of Epidemiology. 151(11), 1091-1102; 2000 The Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study
R.W. Field, D.J. Steck, M.A. Parkhurst, J.A. Mahaffey, and M.C.R. Alvanja. "Intercomparison of Retrospective Radon Detectors". Environmental Health Perspectives 107(11),901-904; 1999 Intercomparison of Retrospective Radon Detectors
D. J. Steck, R. W. Field, and C. F. Lynch ; “Exposure to Atmospheric Radon”, Environmental Health Perspectives ; 107 (2),123-127; 1999 Exposure to Atmospheric Radon

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English Setters

Companions at home and in the field.....
I would rather hunt without my shotgun than my dogs.
We have lived with three (so far).

wpe1.jpg (24096 bytes)
Jake (1983-95)
Tough as barbed wire. An adventurer.... we almost drowned together twice because of Jake's disregard for thin ice. An athlete....so fast he could catch woodcock before they got into the air but he was too undisciplined to make a good team grouse hunter...partly my fault for being naive. Pictured in 1986

Catlin (Kate)(1991-2005)
Solid, steady, a real sweetheart. She figured out all of our quarry: woodcock, ruffed grouse, and pheasant. She was slower than Jake but a perfect match for me. It's too bad pheasants were so scarce in her lifetime.  Retired from hunting 2001after being lost for hours in ND and MN.   A photo retrospective.
Sam May00.JPG (624374 bytes)
Samantha (Sam) (1998-2013)
Speedy Sam can make those bells suffer terrible Doppler shifts.  She is  smart and has good instincts. She's developing good steadiness on point but retrieving will take some work.  First pheasants and grouse in 2001. Pictured  May 2000
nell0.jpg (249677 bytes)
"Cousin" Nell (2000-2012)
"Cousin" Nell, from a MI line of setters, lives with sister Mary et tux, in Grosse Pointe. A bold, smart dog who is destined to be alpha and, with discipline and owners willing, may spend some "productive" time in the Keweenaw bush. Pictured in spring 2001.

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In the mid-content north, where temperatures can vary from +40 to -40o C, grapes are grown only by a few crazy folks. To learn more about those folks see the home page of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association.  I have a few French-American hybrids (Foch). Most of the vines are University of Minnesota developed hybrids from Elmer Swenson's work: Kay Gray, La Crosse, St. Pepin, St. Croix,  and numbered selections ES5-3-78, ES3-24-7.... I tried a number of other varieties like Valiant, Beta, Edelweiss, Niagara, Concord, .....but they either died or weren't good for wine.

Here's a short picture tour:

Vineyard in spring  
spring vnyd.jpg (505172 bytes) Kay Gray at 14
Spring shoots  
.... in summer
........ harvest
............... winter

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