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Life Cycle of Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa


    The purpose of this lab is to provide an opportunity to grow a plant through its entire life cycle.  We will use the model plant, Brassica rapa because it has a relatively quick life cycle.  Hence, the common name for these plants is Fast Plants. 


    We will grow our plants in using the quad method.  In each cell of your quad plant two seeds according to the directions provided in the Directions for Growing Fast Plants.  It is your responsibility to care for your plants and keep them alive.


    During the course of the experiment you keep a journal that will include:

  1. A table (Table 1) showing the heights of your plants (in millimeters) measured at least every third day, including the final average height.

  2. A graph (Figure 1) plotting average height vs day

  3. For each sample day there should be one page in your journal.  The page should be labeled at the top with the calendar date and the number of days since the beginning of the experiment.  On each page you will include a sketch or photograph of one representative plant and your notes for the day.

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