Plants & Human Affairs - Introduction
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Sponge Lab: Pre & Post Lab Assignments



  1. Print & read copies of the lab exercise

  2. On a separate sheet of paper, write your hypotheses for exercise 1 and 2 with a brief rationale.

Question 1 How is the ability of a saturated sponge to hold water affected by the orientation (on edge, flat, on end) of the sponge?
Hypothesis:  If a saturated sponge is placed on edge, then......

After the sponges are allowed to drain, which sponge (top, middle or bottom one in the stack) will hold the greatest amount of water?



Post Lab:

  1. Complete Table 1 and then....type a one paragraph summary of this exercise that includes answers to the following questions:  What does this exercise tell you about container size and soil water content?  Which shape/size container will dry out most readily?  Plants in which shape/size container will require more frequent watering?  Which shape/size container is it easiest to over-water?  In which container would it be best to include more coarse-textured materials?

  2. Complete Table 2 and then....



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