Plants & Human Affairs - Introduction
Cherries.wmf (7140 bytes) Plants & Human Affairs (BIOL106)  -  Stephen G. Saupe, Ph.D.; Biology Department, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University, Collegeville, MN 56321;;

Plant Growth and Development

I.  Meristems

II.  Determinate vs. indeterminate growth
(not on exam)

III.  Patterns of growth
(not on exam)

IV.  Apical Dominance

V.  Senescence/Aging
(not on exam)

VI.  Pruning � maintaining shape 
(not on exam)

VII.  Hormones Regulate Plant Growth & Development
(not on exam)

A.  What is a hormone?  - internal chemical, produced by the plant, low concentration, organic material 

B.  Auxins

 C.  Gibberellin

 D.  Cytokinin

 E.  Ethylene

 F.  ABA

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