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Some Historical Quotes - Plant Nutrition


DirectionsFor each of the following quotes, identify: (a) why the idea could sound reasonable; and (b) the misconception(s) expressed in the quote. 

  1. The�the roots of plants are similar to the mouths of animals, both serving for the absorption of food. 
        Aristotle (ca. 335 BC)


  2. The leaf serves as a mother to every branch and fruit by bringing them the water of the rains and the moisture of the dew that falls, there at night from above, and it often takes from them the excessive heat from the sun's rays.
        Leonardo da Vinci (ca. 1490)


  3. 'Tis agreed that all the following materials contribute in some manner to the growth of plants but 'tis disputed which of them really causes the growth, i.e,�is its food:  1.  Minerals;  2. Water;  3. Air;  4. Fire (i.e., heat from the sun);  5. Earth.
        Jethro Tull (ca 1735)


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