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Grading Rubric for Notebook

 name _________________________   date ______________________


q Three ring binder (2 point)
q Title page with (3 points)
  • course name & number
  • your name and vital statistics (address, phone)
  • our class meeting time
  • our class section number
  • decorated to reflect course content (i.e., science, evolution, cells, genetics) 
q Attendance sheet (second page) (2 points)
q Lecture notes (2 points)
  • dated
  • in order 
q Copies of handouts, assignments, etc. provided in class, in appropriate section (3 points)
q Articles (15 points)
  • one per cycle
  • appropriate to cycle
  • hard copy sources (minimum of three)
  • full article
  • appropriate source
  • proper reference citation form
  • Bibliography - listing of all articles (using proper citation form) arranged by chapter number that article accompanies 
q Shows organizational plan (3 points)
q All materials inserted into binder rings (3 points)
q Includes this form (Grade Rubric) in the notebook (in pouch or as third page) (2 points)

_______  Total points (35 points)

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