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Neuron Quiz Answers

  1. a. dendrite or post-synaptic terminal; b. cell body; c. axon; pre-synaptic terminal
  2. a & d
  3. left to right
  4. check a diagram in the text
  5. F - functioning in all phases
  6. F - always open
  7. F - gate 1 is opening, gate 2 is open
  8. F - open
  9. F - chemical
  10. F - in response to an action potential
  11. T
  12. F - there are dozens
  13. F - it is digested by acetylcholinesterase
  14. F - fuse in response to an action potential
  15. the minimum membrane potential required to propagate an action potential
  16. there is period (refractory period) during which the sodium and potassium gates are resetting and not responsive to an action potential
  17. The diagram shows an alternate mechanism other than ligand-gated channels for depolarizing the post-synaptic membrane.  This schematic shows an assortment of G proteins/kinases that are involved with opening a post synaptic ligand-gated channel
  18. Schwann cells act as an insulation around an axon.  The function is to speed the rate of nerve conduction as the action potential jumps from one Node of Ranvier to the next.


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