Plant Taxonomy - Sequence of Characters in a Description
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A Typical Sequence of Characters in a Description


  • General modifiers (i.e., large, small, evergreen, parasitic)
  • Sex (i.e., synoecious, monoecious, dioecious)
  • Plant duration (i.e., annual, biennial vs. perennial)
  • Habit (i.e., herb, tree, shrub, vine);
  • Roots
  • Stem features (i.e., rhizome, tuber, nodes)
  • Leaves (structure, arrangement, position, blade, sheath, ligule, petiole, stipules)
  • Inflorescences (type, position, peduncle/rachis, bracts)
  • Flowers (sex, symmetry, calyx, corolla, androecium, gynoecium, receptacle, pedicel)
  • Fruits (type, receptacle)
  • Seeds (type, coat, endosperm, placentation)
  • Chromosome number
  • Flowering data
  • Habitat data
  • Distribution
  • Synonyms
  • Remarks
  • References

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