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Measuring Photosynthesis With a Qubit CO2 Gas Analyzer

    The purpose of this lab is to study photosynthesis using a CO2 infrared gas analyzer.  The instrument we will use is manufactured by Qubit Systems, and their web site provides lots of good information about the operation of this instrument.

    An excellent on-line lab manual (Laboratories for Measuring Physiological Processes in Plants and Animals) for using this system has been written by Dr. Diane Robertson (Grinnell College, IA).  We will follow the procedures provided in this manual.  Dr. Robertson provides an Overview on how the use of this instrument, a tutorial on the General Setup of the equipment, an Interactive PreLab, and three sets of lab exercises (Intermediate Lab 1; Intermediate Lab 2; Advanced Lab).  For more information about photosynthesis in general check out our textbook or another excellent on-line site (Photosynthesis Investigation Site) by Dr. Steven Spilatro (Marietta College, OH). 

    During our first lab day, we will learn about the Qubit system and then perform a simple experiment.  This will provide you with an opportunity to learn how the system works and how to handle data.  If time permits, during the second lab period you will perform your own experiment using the system.


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