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Poster Presentation Checklist  

I.  Title
q informative
q accurately reflects the poster contents
q attracts attention
II.  Introduction
q concisely describes background and logic/rationale of study
q includes hypotheses and predictions
III.  Methods
q adequate description of methods/experimental protocol
q understandable
IV.  Results
q tables and figures were appropriate and properly prepared
q tables and figures were properly prepared (captions, legends, axes)
q understandable
q effectively display results
q narrative concisely describes results
q addresses hypothesis/predictions
q appropriate statistical tests were used
V.  Conclusions
q appropriate for results
q summarizes the support for hypothesis
q include explanations for patterns in data
q suggest possible alternate hypotheses for data
q include problems encountered and sources of error
VI.  Literature Cited
q proper format
q includes all references cited in text
q only includes references cited in text
VII.  General/Visual Presentation
q Logical layout
q Title appropriately placed/sized
q Readable from a distance
q Free from grammatical, spelling and other problems
q Poster prepared professionally (e.g., cut edges straight, no ragged edges, items glued down)
q visually interesting
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