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  Study Guide:  Introduction to Plant Physiology

Goal: The goal of this unit is to provide an introduction to the study of plant physiology.

Objectives: Upon completion of this unit you should be able to:

    1. State the course format, goals and requirements
    2. Explain what a plant physiologists does
    3. Access pertinent literature of plant physiology
    4. Use the correct citation format for Plant Physiology
    5. Use proper form for writing a scientific name
    6. Identify some career options for the plant physiologist

Questions For Thought And Study:

  1. What are the requirements of this course? (click here to review)
  2. Name some primary and non-primary references of plant physiology that can be found in the CSB/SJU libraries.
  3. Why are plants important?
  4. What is plant physiology? Why is this an important field of study? Identify some of the contributions made by plant physiologists. Discuss some of the applications of plant physiological research.

Scientific Name Exercise:

  1. Write the scientific name for your favorite plant.
  2. To what family does this plant belong?
  3. Write a sentence using a scientific (binomial) name. Write another sentence using the same name.
  4. What is wrong with the following binomial names? Marasmius Oreades; fragaria virginiana; Q. alba; Brassicacea

 Citation Exercises: Many of the following literature citations, are written incorrectly for Plant Physiology. Re-write (if necessary) in the proper form.

  1. Herman H. Wiebe. (1978). The significance of plant vacuoles. BioScience 28:327-331.
  2. Kaplan, D., Hagemann, W. 1991. The relationship of cell and organism in vascular plants. BioScience 41:693.
  3. Amy Salzman. 3 May, 1985. Habitat selection in a clonal plant. Science.
  4. Horgan, R. 1984. Cytokinins. In Advanced Plant Physiology. M. B. Wilkins, ed. Pitman Press (London).

Library Exercise:

  1. Identify five journals found in the CSB and/or SJU library that publish plant physiological literature.
  2. Cite, in proper form, one article in each of the journals found in our libraries.
  3. Who publishes Plant Physiology?
  4. Describe the type of articles published in Plant Physiology.
  5. Cite, in proper form, any article in Plant Physiology.
  6. Who publishes Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology?
  7. Describe the type of articles published in ARPP.
  8. Cite, in proper form, any article in ARPP.
  9. Identify the Library of Congress call numbers/letters for books on plant physiology.
  10. Cite, in proper form, one book on plant physiology found in the CSB library and cite one in the SJU library.
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