Cavendish Chronicle Archive

Spring 2022

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

Patent Law Career

Postcards from Study Abroad

Student Awards

Student Presentations

Raigoza Sabbatical

Alum Notes

McIntee Promoted

Graham Retires

Fall 2021

A Career in Personal Care Products

Students Find More Summer Opportunities  Post-COVID

Jones Returns to Cascadia

Student Posters Win Awards at Regional, National ACS Meetings 

Alum Notes

Grad Launch


Fall 2020

Students Scrambled for Internships Amid COVID-19

In Memoriam: Nicholas Briese

Jones Returns to Cascadia

New Prof in Ardolf

Alum Notes

Trish Valusek: Pediatric Surgeon

Grad Launch


Fall 2019

Alumina from Europe

In the Wood Shop

Summer Vacation

Ardolf Changes

Alum Notes

Grad Launch


Fall 2018

Peace Corps in Rwanda

Grad Launch

Study Abroad Postcards

Peterson Promoted

Alum Notes

Faculty Collaborate on DOE Grant

Faculty Sabbaticals


Spring 2018

A Career in Software Development

Student Directs Social Justice Documentary on Water

Anna McKenna Retires

Spring Chem Awards

Biochem Students in Cancer Fundraiser

Study Abroad Postcards


Winter 2018

Working at a National Lab

Tech Savvy

Biochem Senior and Golfer

Gift in Honor of "Funfetti Cake" Team Member

Student Honored at Sugar Bowl



Fall 2017

Ardolf Science Center's 25th Anniversary 

3M Patent Attorney 

Alaska Conservation Corps



Summer 2017

High-Risk Obstetrics Physician Tina (Veek) Shumard

Students' Summer Activities

Art of Chemistry: Students in Band & Orchestra



Spring 2017

High School Teacher Matt Stockinger

Spring Awards Season

Honour Societies


Biochem Club

Alum Notes


Winter 2017

Sports Physician Jeffrey Macalena

FDA Investigator Courtney Tiegs

Students Attend UN Morocco Conference





Fall 2016

Pharmacist Kara VonderHaar

Introducing Winikoff & Engstrom

Students Attend Dow-MIT ACCESS

Benedictine Volunteer Corps in Rome

Finding a Summer Internship

Grad Launch

Alum Notes

Summer 2016

Steve Bischof at Chevron Phillips

Summer Student Activities

Jherian Mitchell-Jones Gets ACS Award

Grad School Prep

Annette Raigoza Gets REAP Funding


Jones/Cloninger Collaboration with Montana State

Alum Notes


Spring 2016

Khadija Fernandez at Carib Brewery

Richard White Retires

Haley Chatelaine & Swim Team

Lincoln Mullings & Men's Institute

Samantha Tinucci & Alternative Break Experiences

Students Participate in Mayo Innovators Program

Students Attend San Diego ACS


Caritas Award Winners

Student Academic Awards

NSF Honorable Mention

Alum Notes


Winter 2016

Steve Vander Louw at 3M

Durbin & Soiro on SJU Senate

Freemark shoots and scores

Tinucci gets regional ACS award


Ardolf in Brief

Alum Notes

Fall 2015

Grad launch: what the class of 2015 is doing now

M.D. / Ph.D. student Daryl Fields

New faces in Ardolf

Jakubowski on STEMWiki grant

Student gets Gilman Award

Student attends WoPhys

Student is college radio sports director


FoCuS enters fourth year

Summer 2015

Student summer experiences

Patent agent for 3M

Student Awards

Hutcheson, Link move to new positions

Ferero Bello, Gibson take over stockroom positions


Medtronic visit

FoCuS moves in

Alum Notes

Spring 2015

Ross, Jochman retire

Muldoon made emeritus

Student presentations: ACS, Undergraduate Molecular Sciences, Biomedical Conference for Minority Students

Student Awards

Faculty Awards

Project IMPACT at Mayo

Chem Club

Alum Notes; pharmaceutical chemist recruited to Nebraska

Postcards from abroad

Curriculum in media

Fall 2014

Working for IBM as an engineer

Public policy in Washington, DC

Student summer experiences: Mayo Clinic, Department of Energy Labs, USDA labs, a municipal water treatment facility, Jackson Fellowship, interning in a hospital, SUR experiences


Spring 2014

Navy's Health Careers Scholarship Program


Jane Austen's Persuasion

Graham Wins Teaching Award

Jones & Johnson on sabbatical

Chemwiki adopts Structure & Reactivity Pages

Alum Notes: Centracare lures alum back; a Ph.D. in theology; naturopathic medicine


Fall 2013

Visiting professor from China; Anquandah, Hutcheson and Hoody join department

Alum Notes: alumni in academic research careers; alumni take positions at Eli Lilly, Agilent, Chevron Phillips, Global Vaccines, R&D Systems; alumni join departments at Pacific Lutheran, U Connecticut; alumni take post-docs at Harvard, Columbia

Videos for lab; concert harpist in chemistry; cross country runners; Breakthrough St. Paul class; working at Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Revolutionary" new curriculum moves to next phase

Grad Launch: grads go to med school at Mayo, pharmacy school at U Iowa and grad school at UCLA, Tulane, Oregon State and NDSU; jobs at Mayo, Medtronic, Atomic Axis and North American Service Group as well as St Cloud Hospital and Dakota Pet Hospital; service with Minnesota Reading Corps


Spring 2013

Jakubowski serves on AAMC panel; Chem faculty win awards; Schomer retires; Strollo joins faculty

Focus: Alumni in Benedictine Volunteer Program

Alum Notes: alumni at Ecolab; alumna and students make chem quilt

Chemists can dance


Fall 2012

New FoCuS bridge program; McIntee win S. Mary Grell Award; Huber retires

Focus: alumni find careers in public health

Alum Notes: alumna receives graduate fellowship

Student's essay published in New Engl. J. Med.

Summer internships at NASA, Mote Marine Lab, Mayo, Penn State, University of Colombo (Sri Lanka), U MN, Minnesota Valley Testing Labs

Departments nationwide revise curricula

Grad Launch: students head to medical school at Loyola, dental school at U MN and pharmacy school at Creighton; grad school at Purdue, U MN, UND and NDSU; enter service in Benedictine Volunteer Corps and St. Joseph Worker Program

Fall 2011

NSF-TUES grant funds curriculum; Graham gets NSF-STEM grant to fund scholarships; Jones gets NSF grant with Montana State collaborator; Peterson and alumni collaborate in X-ray grant with University of St. Catherine

Focus: alumna is reconstructive plastic surgeon

Alum notes: another alumna wins graduate fellowship

Grad Launch: grads go to med school at Medical College of Wisconsin and U MN; grad school at Stanford, USC, Colorado State, U Iowa, North Dakota State; pharmacy school at U MN and NDSU; public health at U MN; jobs at 3M, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Ecolab, Biothera, Epitopix; service in Teach for America, Benedictine Volunteer Corps, Good Shepherd Volunteers

Junior earns NASA fellowship; senior wins ACS presentation award; summer interns at Fluidic Energy, Mayo Clinic, UND; Mayo Physicians of Tomorrow


Spring 2011

McKenna wins Tom Creed Award; N. Jochman wins Extraordinary Performance Award; Fazal & Ross share PittCon Grant

Focus: alumnus at MN Public Health Lab

Focus: alumni in faculty positions at small colleges

Alum Notes: alum gets Science publication; alumnus promoted at Sillker; alumna at Hillman Cancer Center


Fall 2010

Focus:  Alumna in the Peace Corps

McKenna, White given duties in faculty governance, administration; Rioux retires; Rick Jochman passes away

Summer opportunities at U Missouri-Columbia, SWU China, NASA, Calwest seeds

Grad Launch: grads go to grad school at Yale, Mayo, UW-Madison, U MN, U Arizona, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; engineering school at Iowa State;jobs at 3M, Ingenics Consulting, Ecolab, General Mills, Pacific Northwest National Lab and the FDA


Fall 2009

Department gets new NMR; Peterson joins faculty; Jakubowski's Biochemistry Online gets heavy web traffic

Note from alumnus in clinical lab at Mayo

Summer opportunities at Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Southern Illinois U, Montana State, U Iowa, Zhengzhou (China), 3M and a DC lobbying firm

Grad Launch: grads off to med school at Des Moines, Creighton, Medical College of Wisconsin; grad school at Columbia, Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon; industry at Surmodics


Spring 2009

Focus: Alumna named "Outstanding Young Investigator of the Year"

Alum notes: alumni return to give seminars at CSB/SJU

Chem club visits Discovery School

Ross, Jones awarded research releases

ACS announces new curricular guidelines


Fall 2008

Fulton retires; Fazal joins faculty; Jakubowski is chair

 Alum Notes: alumna joins MN Dept Health

Student internships at Medtox, Hormel, LSU, Columbia, Montana State, SWU China

Grad Launch: new grads go to med school at Creighton, Iowa, NDSU; grad school at U MN & NDSU; jobs at Pace Analytical & Mayo Clinic; service at Science Museum of Minnesota, Camphill Village & Okinawa, Japan


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