Young Kate  
Summer 91 Her first intro to the water which she would come to enjoy; see below
  Helping with the grape harvest of '91
Summer '92 A young dog in her prime
  Kate: the "working years"  
  Where is that rooster?
  or that ruffed grouse?
  or that sharp-tail?
  This is my favorite picture of the mature Kate; showing her alertness, confidence, and attentiveness. It was taken by Rodger Kershner.
  After Kate had hip surgery, water exercise helped her recuperate and she continued to enjoy our pond throughout her life;
  but she didn't much care for canoe transport
  In addition to hunting, Kate was a fine fly fishing companion; shown here at the deep pools of the Eagle River.
Summer 95

and 99

Kate was a good pack animal. Here she welcomes Sam to the pack and shares her afternoons.
  kate2.jpg (328950 bytes) A constant gardening companion; loved being outside
  The night she last hunted (and got lost) near Lake Henry.
   Kate in retirement  
December 03 Still finding roosters... the last one on Christmas day
April 03 Helping Sam root out varmints
May 04 Running near Eagle River
  Patrolling the garden
August 04 A last walk in Keweenaw
March 05 Enjoyed the yard until the end