Radon changes by location


Caveats: average behavior described with anecdotal evidence of variation, wide variation, depends on weather, geography, geology, construction practices, most applicable in central NA based on references

Room to room within a floor

Not much variation; ~10% in most homes; Maximum difference in survey was ~200% in an upper floor with the high room near a laundry shoot.

Floor to floor to floor within a home

Depends strongly on HVAC induced air movement from floor to floor. Highest diffrences when basements are isolated by closed doors from upper levels, electric or hot water heat, and loose superstructure: ~twice as high in basement as higher floors. In forced air homes with good cold air return, the radon in upper floors is almost the same as in the lowest floor.

Home to home within a neighborhood

Usually with ~150% unless some prominent geological feature cutting across the neighborhood.

Neighborhood to neighborhood within a town

Usually ~200% unless some prominent geological feature cutting across the town.

Town to town within a state

Usually ~300 %

State to state


Country to Country



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