Radon myths



  1. Radon may not cause lung cancer.
  2. The radon in a home is relatively constant.
  3. A 2-day test gives you a adequate measure of the radon in your home.
  4. Radon in water is a serious problem
  5. Radon only affects people who smoke.
  6. Radon is only a problem for houses built on or near bedrock.
  7. Radon is not a problem for homes in heavy,wet clay soils.
  8. Radon is not much of a risk compared to other environmental pollutants or dangers at home.
  9. You can't do much to protect yourself from radon
  10. . Most houses near me don't have any radon, so mine won't either.
  11. . Dr. B.L. Cohen's county average radon data can be used to show that radon doesn't cause lung cancer in homes.


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