70S Ribosome

Thermus Thermophilus

This structure is so large that it is divided into 2 different pdb files, one for the 30S subunit (2WDK) and one for the 50S subunit (2WDL).  Please wait to see each rendering.

30S Subunit

This subunit contains the mRNA binding site where tRNAs bind through H bonds to the mRNA codons.  The first Jmol image shows the different chains as cartoons and RNA in gold. The remaining images only show the RNA.

ribosomal RNA: gold
transfer RNAs (tRNAs): red and green
messenger RNA (mRNA), blue

same as above but with the amino acid Phe (purple) linked to the terminal A76 of the tRNAs structure

isolated mRNA and tRNAs (Note: sometimes this and the remaining links don't work in IE or Firefox, but do work in Google Chrome)

mRNA codon (5'UUC3': tRNA anticodon (5'GAA3')interactions

50S Subunit

This subunit contains the peptidyl transferase center where the amide link occurs between the growing peptide (esterified to the tRNA) in the P site and the amino acid acyl-tRNA in the A site

ribosomal RNA: gold; protein cartoon - each chain a different color

2'OH (spacefill) of U2584, binds a water molecule (not shown) that stabilizes the oxyanion of the transition state
The 2'OH is not near any of the blue protein chains, supporting the notion that catalysis of peptide bond formation does not involve protein.