Instructions for Viewing Molecules with Chime

Chemistry Department - CSB/SJU

Mouse Commands

When you click on any of the molecules listed below, a black window containing the molecule will appear in your browser.  You should be able to see and rotate your molecule by placing the mouse cursor in the black window and using the commands given below:

In addition, you can change the rendering of the molecule by moving the mouse cursor within the area of the molecule. Click and hold the right mouse button, and a new menu will appear that will allow additional manipulation of the molecule. Experiment with these commands. 

More Sophisticated Ways to Change the Display

right click on the actual molecule, and a new selection of commands will pop up. You can then select an appropriate command with a click of the left mouse button. A check will apear by command indicating that you have selected it. The important options are shown below along with a brief comment in red about the use of some of them.




Display - Can't do much more than what's available with buttons from the command window.


Color -allows you to color code by something other than the originary red for O, blue for N, white for H, etc, CPK color system.

Select - This is the most imporant of all these commands because it allows you to select only certain parts of the display for showing. You will have to experiment on your own with this, but just looking at the commands allows you to see the possibilities. Notice that you can select all, invert a selection (i.e. show everything you didn't select), or hide a selection.