Fall 2007 China Study Abroad

Air Transportation to China


Please Fill out the following form to indicate your travel plans to China.

1.  Last Name      2.  First Name 

2.  Do you plan to arrive in China earlier than the official meeting day of arrival on August 27 and on a different flight than the directors?
  Yes          No

If you plan to arrive earlier and on a different flight than the director, please fill out the rest of the form below.  Remember if you arrive in Beijing earlier than August 27, you will have to pay for all our room and food costs up until the time we meet.  Also, you must meet us at the designated place (hotel whose name/address will be announced her soon).

3.  Arrive Date in Beijing 

4.  Arrive Time in Beijing 

5.  Airline for Flight to Beijing

6.  Flight Number for flight to Beijing