Orientation Session 2

Fall 2007 Study Abroad

Southwest University

Beibei, China


1.  Update  

a.   Passports

c.   Moodle Discussion Board:  moodlelogo  Fall 07 China 

2.  Preliminary Health Information:

You need to set up a consult with a travel clinic.  These are medical clinics that specialize in advising travelers.  The Health Service at SJU is a certified travel clinic.  You may also use one in your hometown.  You will need to get

3.   Airline Tickets/Meeting in Beijing


4.     Get to know you group


5.    Safety Issues

6.  Cultural Awareness


7.   Your Goals for the program: 

8.  Culture of our group:


9.  Senior Seminar Update: Please order these


10.  For Orientation Session 3: 


You may work in groups of no more than 3.  Submit the material electronically.  You will be prompted to print the completed forms.  Do so and give copy to the director.

11.  Question/Answer:  Time to ask questions, and maybe get answers