Goals for Fall 07

Some of your goals

Chinese Language

  1. I will introduce myself to some basic Chinese phrases this summer before we leave for China.
  2. I will use the phrases that I know when purchasing items, ordering food, or greeting other Chinese students.
  3. I will learn as much as I can in our Chinese class and always keep in mind how much more I have the opportunity to learn since I am in China.


Knowledge of Chinese Culture/History

  1. When I discover a new or different tradition, or idea that I have not been introduced to before, I will take the time to understand it.
  2. I will let the natives teach me about themselves and their country by attending cultural events.
  3. I will keep up with Chinese current events.   



  1. I will get to know students at Southwest University.
  2. I will get to know the CSBSJU students that I am traveling with.
  3. I will remember that everyone I meet has the potential to help me learn more about myself and the world.


Personal Growth

  1. Even if I have a bad experience or a bad day, I will remember that it was something I should be thankful for because it was a new experience and I can learn from the bad experiences.
  2. I will go to China with an open mind remembering that such a great nation is something to respect and to learn from.
  3. I will not only look at the differences between myself and the people I meet, I will remember to look for things and ideas which we all care about and associate with.



  1. I will be conscious of my physical health and not try to over-exert myself.
  2. I will work through any culture shock I might experience by talking with others and seeking an understanding of the Chinese culture.
  3. I will be respectful of group members’ health issues.


Group Goal

  1. I will share what I am learning with the rest of the group.
  2. I will travel and attend events with group members.
  3. I will look for the information that other group members can share with me.


Other Goals

  1. I wish to give back to the Chinese community as a way of thanking them for allowing me this opportunity through service or teaching them about myself and my country.



  1. Chinese Language-I want to advance my command of the language so that I can try to have a fairly in depth conversation in Mandarin with native Chinese speakers
  2. Chinese History and Culture- I want to further my study on the History and Culture and see how they impact the society, especially the government today.
  3. Relationships-I want to develop close relationships with everyone on the trip.
  4. Personal Growth-I want to grow as a person by being able to live in a foreign country for a semester
  5. Health- I want to stay healthy in all aspects, but I want to better myself physically and mentally.
  6. Group Goal-Work to build a cohesive group.


Chinese language goals:

1. Provide a solid foundation of reading and writing with my final Mandarin Chinese course so that my listening and comprehension can be the soul focus of my abroad experience.

            2. Facilitate those other members of our group in conversations with native Mandarin speakers.

            3. Try to build relationships with non-English speakers while in China.


Knowledge of Chinese Culture/History:

            1. Allow native Chinese to guide me in cultural experience.

            2. Make an effort to visit artistic and cultural sites learned about in my art survey classes of China.

            3. Understand how the citizens of China see themselves as a part in their countries increasing global dealings.



            1. Allow open discussion of intercultural issues with native Chinese so as to better learn how we see one another across the pacific.

            2. Keep a guest-like mentality in company of our host’s country, houses, schools, etc.

            3. Open conversations and friendships with others in our group to share ideas, experiences, and reactions.


Personal Growth

            1. Keep an open mind in my initial experience, so as to avoid making shortsighted or immature judgments of my China.

            2. Bring personal strengths to our group’s efforts to travel and experience China.

            3. Bring values of Chinese society to improve my relationships with others back home.



            1. Maintain a physical fitness routine with school facilities and even look to see if soccer is a possible opportunity for me.

            2. Make sure I learn of cultural practices of hygiene in China.

            3. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid getting sick!



            1. Keep positive relationships with other students and facilitators of our immersion group.

            2. Discuss experiences of other students who have gone to China in order to help group.

            3. Learn others’ interpretations of our experiences.








Chinese Language:


  1. I will put forth a substantial amount of time to learn the Mandarin language.
  2. I will do all I can to communicate with as many people as possible to get better at the language.
  3. I will stay focused even if I get frustrated trying to learn a new language.


Knowledge of Chinese culture/history:


  1. I will study my class material and get a better understanding of the Chinese culture.
  2. I will build relationships with Chinese students to get a better grasp of their heritage.
  3. I will explore different parts of China to get different perspectives.




  1. I will be open-minded to anything.
  2. I will be myself and build positive relationships with my fellow SJU/CSB students as well as the Chinese students.
  3. I will appreciate the differences of other people.


Personal Growth:


  1. I will learn from the differences of the global world and relate it to myself.
  2. I will develop myself as an individual.
  3. I will reflect on my experiences and sit back and really take it in.




  1. I will work out and enjoy physical activities such as basketball.
  2. I will be mindful of the food I consume on the trip.
  3. If I consume alcohol it will be in moderation.


Group Goal:


  1. I will bring a positive mind set to the group at all times.
  2. I will be very open-minded to experiencing anything.
  3. I will respect everyone in the group and give them the courtesy they deserve.

Chinese Language:


1.      I will put in a reasonable amount of time to studying the mandarin language each day so I get better every day.

2.      I will study the mandarin language with group members as well as Chinese students.

3.      I will stay focused even if I become frustrated while studying the language.


Knowledge of Chinese Culture/History:


1.      I will interact with Chinese students to share experiences from our lives.

2.      I will not hold back questions that I have about the Chinese culture.

3.      I will study the Chinese culture/history before I leave for China in order to have a better understanding of it when I get there.




1.      I will keep an open mind and not judge anyone before I actually meet them.

2.      I will communicate with group members and Chinese people when given the opportunity which will result in more and stronger relationships.

3.      I will introduce friends to people that I have met in hope that they will do the same for me which will help me develop more relationships.


Personal Growth:


1.      I will keep an open mind to any and all of my China experiences.

2.      I will reflect on my experiences at days or weeks end in order to really take in what is going on.

3.      I will participate in mindfulness.




1.      I will play basketball (or any other sports or activities) with group members and Chinese students.

2.      I will not to drugs and if I drink alcohol it will be in moderation.

3.      I will do my best to eat a well balances diet.


Group Goal:


1.      I will be supportive of all my group members and I will respect their decisions.

2.      I will offer my opinions as well as cooperate with all group decisions.

3.      I will be open to do anything with any group members rather than just a select few.

1). Chinese Language

            I will immerse myself in the Chinese culture

            Try to use mandarin everyday

            Work everyday on mandarin with other students


2). Knowledge of Chinese culture

            I will keep an open mind the whole time that I am in China

            I will study the Chinese culture and try to learn as much as possible while I am there

            I will interact with the Chinese and visit the many historic sites


3). Relationships

            I will interact with the Chinese and be friendly and open minded when meeting new people and make friends with them.

            I will work to make new and lasting relationships with the CSB/SJU group

            I will take trips with our group to learn more about China and make friends with the Chinese


4). Personal Growth

            I will handle my stress in a responsible way and work to grow.

            I will reflect each day on what I have learned about myself and about others

            I will work hard to make sure that I take advantage of every opportunity that is given to me


5). Health

            I will be active everyday

            I will work out almost everyday to stay in shape for my swimming career

            I will not partake in activities that will harm my body


6). Group Goals

            I hope that we will all grow closer through this experience

            Not all of us know each other as of right now, but I hope to get to know everyone well and I hope everyone gets to know me well

            I hope that we will all have a safe and fun trip


Chinese language:

·         I will look through the Chinese language book I have and study from it a little bit so I have an idea of how it works and get to know what the letters look like and the sounds they make.

·         Once I am in China I will attend the language class and participate as much as possible

·         I will communicate with the people around me using as much mandarin as I can.


Knowledge of Chinese culture/history:




Personal Growth:




Group Goal:

·         I will be involved with the group as much as I can

·         I will offer help to anyone who needs it

·         I will encourage a positive and flexible attitude at all times

Chinese Language: 

Knowledge of Chinese Culture/History:


Personal Growth 


Group Goal


1.)    I plan to familiarize myself with basic Mandarin phrases (hello, goodbye, thank you and I’m sorry) and also some characters this summer.  I would really like to make friends with SWU students to practice my speaking.  I would like to travel at the trip’s end—this requires that I have a good ability to speak and interact with persons in Mandarin.

2.)    I have some materials on the important sites to see in China, I hope reviewing them before I go will give me a little background so that I can really appreciate them when we travel.  I would also really like to investigate Buddhism and speak with students who follow this religion.  Finally, I am very interested in observing the Chinese work ethic (especially among students).

3.)    I will be very open and positive with the students in my group.  I will also be very open to students from SWU and interested in forming relationships and understanding.  I will always resist making judgments on members of my group and also the Chinese people we encounter.

4.)    I will practice mindfulness in China so that I can be fully in-tune with my experiences.  I will be try to be patient and understanding in situations that are confusing and frustrating.  I will always look for the commonality among myself, the students I am traveling with, and the Chinese people we encounter—we are all more similar than we are different.

5.)    I will run when I am in China.  I will seek out nutritious food and take care of myself when I am feeling under the weather.  I will encourage walking, running, and biking among the students in our group as a way to explore, experience and stay healthy.

6.)    We should all be open and honest with one another.  We should take advantage of the opportunity to become great friends through this experience.  We should look out for one another.


Chinese Language

*I will work hard to learn this new language by attending all classes and doing all of the work outside of class.

*I will practice my Mandarin daily by talking with (or attempting to talk with) the Chinese people that I come into contact with.

*I will work with classmates (especially those who are experienced in Mandarin) to learn as much as I can about the language and about speaking the language.


Knowledge of Chinese Culture/History

*I will take part in all of the excursions and learn as much as I can while we travel.

*I will learn as much as I can through all of the classes that I will be taking including the ethnology class, Chinese art, and Chinese literature.

*I will take time daily to observe the Chinese way of life.  I will learn about what they do in their everyday lives.



*I will work hard to get to know all of the students in our group.  I do not know any of them so this will force me to branch out and make new friends.

*I will try hard to see the differences between the Chinese students and myself as something that is positive and that I will gain a lot from.

*I will look for the similarities between the Chinese people and rather than the differences.


Personal Growth

*I will try to use meditation and other Chinese techniques to deal with problems that occur during the trip. 

*By observing and being surrounded by a new culture I will see my own life and culture in a totally different light.

*Rather than looking at the differences between the Chinese culture and the American culture I will focus on seeing the similarities.



*I will workout daily by running to maintain a high level of physical health.

*I will encourage my group members to join me while working out whether that is through running or weightlifting.

*I will eat a healthy meal everyday as well as try as many different meals as possible.


Group Goal

*I will work hard to get to know each one of my group members and group leaders on a personal basis.

*I will talk with group members about our individual goals and do what I can to help them achieve their own.

*I will work through any problems that I may have with group members.