Tentative itinerary for Beijing for August 27th ------September 1th .2007



8/27   Arrives in Beijing, meeting Prof. Jakubowski at the airport.


8/28  9:00am A general meeting with the whole group during the breakfast time.

VistingTiananmen Square, the Peoples Great Hall, Mao Zedong Memorial

Hall, The Palace Museum ( the Forbidden City), Jingshan Park. (Note:  Mao’s mausoleum is under construction so you won’t be able to see his body.)


8/29  8:30am  breakfast

9:15am   Temple of Heaven

2:00 pm  Beihai Park

8:00 pm  Watching Peking Opera at Li Yuan Theatre


8/30 8:30 The Great Wall, Ding Ling ( the Tomb of Emperor Shenzong), the

Spiritual Road.


8/31          Free Time


9/1  9:00am   Summer Palace.    Afternoon leaving for Xi’an


Here is the name and address of the hotel we will stay at in Beijing, both in Pinyin and characters.  PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THIS AND KEEP IT WITH YOU BEFORE YOU TRAVEL.


Beijing or Rainbow Hotel (Home Inns), (北纬酒店,或,如家酒店)

Address: Beiwei Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing ( 地址:北京宣武区,北纬路)

Beijng Hotel  Tel: 86-1083152266  Extension: 5+ room number Fax:86-1063023620


If you are arriving early in Beijing, you must get to the hotel on your own.  Dani, I and the students that travel with us will arrive in Beijing on Monday, August 27, 9:20 PM on Northwest NW 11 from Tokyo-Narita.  We leave Minneapolis on NW 19.  We will get to the hotel around 11 PM Beijing time, and crash.  For those who arrive early, we will meet you in the lobby of the hotel on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am.   You can cash some travelers’ checks at the hotel lobby if you wish. If you have time, you can cash them at the Bank of China on the second floor of the airport.  After you get your bag, take the escalator upstairs to find it.