Ch. 5 in Encountering the Chinese. Appointments:


Official Meetings

-similar to international manner

            -make appointment, arrive on time, or even early

-with mid-level officials

            -appointment must be made at least one week in advance

            -if possible find a go between contact

-signals to end of meeting

            -host offers to bring more tea, wraps up context of meeting, thanks for you coming

Unofficial Meetings

-usually arrive 15 or more minutes early (a sign of respect)

-sometimes are unannounced – the closer the friend the more likely this is to occur

-do not arrive before 9 am or after 8 pm

-feel free to initiate meetings yourself to Chinese friends

Receiving social visits

-do not let individuality of American culture upset social visits

-pay more attention to Chinese guests

-remember difference between agricultural/rural China vs. urban/industrial China

            -the latter is more influence by the west

-everyone shows up at the same time

-people wait for host to signal to leave