Chapt 10:  Encountering the Chinese - FACE

Main Concept of Face: how you present yourself to others with certain characteristics and traits

-          accusing their ďfaceĒ is really embarrassing because it questions their integrity

-          main reason concept of face developed was because itís more of a norm for the Chinese to live in the same community their whole lives, compared to in US where we are a very mobile society, so  maintaining healthy relationships and avoiding conflict is very important.

-          For us, if a place doesnít suit us or we encounter some major conflict, we just leave. For them, they donít really see that as an option.


Appropriate ways to behave:

-Donít expect a Chinese will act contrary to group norms

-Donít insist that your hosts to respect your rights/opinions

-Donít show anger, avoid confrontation

-If you must say no, try to do so as tactfully as possible


If YOU cause face-loss situation:

-Ask a trusted Chinese friend about what you should have done if you donít know

-apologize in private

-be extra considerate of the person you offended in the future

-Sometimes they deal with minor face-loss situations by pretending it didnít happen, so you can go along with that