CH111 - Fall 2001

Introductory  Survey

Please fill out the following form that should help me understanding your interests and concerns related to the class.  I will NOT post this survey on the web, so your answers will be seen only by me.  When you are finished, select the submit button.  Thanks.

1.  Last Name    2.  First Name

3.  Name you would like to be called in class 

4.   How much interest do you have in the field of  chemistry?  Check one of the buttons below

   Very little interest        some interest       moderate interest       great interest


People have many different learning strategies.  Answer the following questions to illustrate your preferences.

5.   I prefer to study new material as a pre-class assignment BEFORE it is discussed in class, rather than studying the material AFTER it has been discussed in class.

strongly disagree      moderately diagree      agree       moderately agree      strongly agree       

6.  In the box below, describe you greatest "concerns" about taking this class.  (Don't use the enter or return key when you type your response to generate a new line.  Just keep typing on the same line)