Attributes of Graduates Entering Job Market
(and graduate/professional schools)


The student

  1. Possesses cultural competencies 

  2. Communicates well (written, oral, computer) 

  3. Exemplifies a strong work ethic: is a “self-starter”, an  independent learner with an entrepreneurial attitude 

  4. Demonstrates proven team-working abilities and knowledge  of group dynamics: possesses interpersonal skills and  flexibility 

  5. Presents a reflective and aware attitude (what is wanted in  life: how education, interests, and work can and should  mesh)

  6. Understands how for-profit organizations function 

  7. Exhibits passion and enthusiasm 

  8. Demonstrates technical and intellectual ability

  9. Has successfully completed an internship in the nonacademic  workplace 

  10. Participates in volunteer or extra-curricular activities 

  11. Provides evidence of a broad-based education 

  12. Demonstrates competence in problem solving and critical  thinking 

  13. Shows leadership qualities and conflict resolution experience 

  14. Possesses computer-based quantitative data-analysis skills 

  15. Actively pursues further education or training 

  16. Presents a mature, responsible, and productive outlook 

Sylvia Kerr and Olaf Runquist.  "Are We Serious about Preparing Chemists for the 21st Century Workplace or Are We Just Teaching Chemistry? Journal of Chemical Education.  82, 232-233 (2005)