HONR 210 - Medicine:  East Meets West


The final will be cumulative, but general. No name or dates will be included.  In general, you will need to understand the major differences (philosophical, religious, law, logic - dialectical vs syllogistic Western) between China and the West that we have suggested led to the development of different ways of knowing.   You should be familiar in general with the fundamental principles of TCM. 

Since test 2, we have discussed the role of emotions and stress on the immune response, health, and disease.  You should have a general understanding of how stress affects hormone levels and immunue response.  You should have an understanding of the placebo responses, the role of belief, and the role of emotions   in health and healing, with some specific example to illustrate your point. 

Lastly you may be asked to integtrate and synthesize your understandings of both medical systems..