Web That Has No Weaver

Chapter 7 - The 8 Principle Patterns:
The Face of Yin and Yang

I. Patterns of Interior Disharmony

A. Describes the location and characteristics of a disharmony

B. Distinguishing signs


II. Patterns of Exterior Disharmony

A. Distinguishing signs

B. Identical with the signs of an External Pernicious Influences (EPI) as discussed in chapter 5


III. Patterns of Deficiency Disharmony

A. Characterized by insufficient Qi, blood, or other substances, or by the underactivity of any of the Yin or Yang aspects

B. Distinguishing signs

C. usually chronic in nature, thought of as a clinical landscape that is sparsely composed, bleak and desolate


IV. Patterns of Excess Disharmony

A. Usually occurs when a Pernicious Influence attacks the body, when a bodily function is overactive, or when an obstruction causes an inappropriate accumulation of substances such as Qi or blood

B. Distinguishing signs

C. patterns tend to be acute and seen as a cluttered clinical landscape


V. Patterns of Cold Disharmony

A. Occurs when the body’s Yang is insufficient or when the Cold Pernicious Influences are present

B. Distinguishing signs

C. signs indicate that the basic shade of the body’s disharmony is a cloudy, like an overcast, frozen winter


IV. Patterns of Heat Disharmony

A. Associated with a heat pernicious Influence, hyperactivity of the blood’s Yang functions, or insufficient Yin or fluids

B. Distinguishing signs

C. Basic shading of body disharmony is bright, its mood is jumpy


V. Patterns of Yin and Yang Disharmony

A. Yin patterns are combinations of signs Interior, Deficiency, and Cold while Yang patterns are sign of Exterior, Excess, and Heat

B. Very few human illnesses can be characterized as pure Yin

C. Most patients experience a combination of Yin and Yang signs and symptoms


VI. Combinations of the Eight Principle Pattern

A. Heat and Excess combine, a distinct pure Yang pattern is created

B. Heat and Deficiency are combined, the combination has both Yin and Yang aspects

C. Excess and Cold combine creating both Yin and Yang aspects are created

D. Deficiency and Cold combined create a pure Yin pattern


VII. Patterns of Extreme Disharmony

A. Patterns of True Heat/ Illusionary Cold

B. True Cold/ Illusionary Heat

C. Internal/External

D. Deficient/Excess

E. Cold/Hot