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The 2010 CSB/SJU Students



Backes, Grant Physics
Casner, Benjamin Economics
Ellis, Samuel Computer Science
Fraser, Redmond Modern/Class Language
Freeman, Michael Biochemistry
Jennissen, Brian Physics
Kerrigan, Jill Chemistry
Klein, Billie Psychology
Noel, Elena Biology

Your long term plans



Backes, Grant I am currently in my third year of undergraduate education as Physics major at Saint John�s University.  I have a strong interest in theoretical physics and particle physics.  I plan to attend graduate school for a PhD in Physics and would enjoy a career conducting research.
Casner, Benjamin

I am a double major in the fields of economics and mathematics. I intend to work in China for one or two years after I graduate, and then return to America to study my Ph.D in Economics. My long run goal is to become a professor of Economics, and to research behavioral economics. I am especially interested in comparing the behavior of Chinese people to that of Americans.

Ellis, Samuel

I am a Computer Science major and a History minor. I am planning to go to graduate school after graduation next year. I hope to get a degree, preferably a doctorate, in Robotics, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering. In the long term future, I hope to either be a researcher in one of those fields, or I would also like to be a college professor in the field of Computer Science or Robotics. I am hoping to get a research position during graduate school and I believe this exchange program will be a great experience no mater what I decide to do.

Fraser, Redmond  

I am a sophomore resident assistant, majoring in Chemistry with an Asian Studies minor here at St. John�s University. I am also taking the pre-medicine courses. After graduating, I plan to go to medical school then specialize in Anesthesiology. After getting my medical degrees, I would like to work in China for a few years before doing some volunteer work at home.

Freeman, Michael I am currently a junior biochemistry major here at Saint John�s University.  I am also a teaching assistant and tutor for the introductory biology students.  As for my future goals, I plan on going to graduate school for cancer research.  I am strongly interesting in the areas of signal transduction pathways and gene expression.  Then if all goes well I hope to obtain a job in private industry doing research
Jennissen, Brian

I am currently a Junior at Saint John's University.  I plan on graduating in the spring of 2011 with a major in Applied Physics and a minor in Mathematics.  After I graduate from Saint John's, I hope to attend the University of Minnesota to earn my master's degree in mechanical engineering.  After that, I plan on working as a mechanical engineer.

Kerrigan, Jill I am an American Chemical Society Chemistry Major. I am currently a sophomore at St. Benedict.  After graduation, I want to spend a few years working for a volunteer program such as the Peace Corps or the AmeriCorps.  I plan on attending a graduate school and becoming a government researcher that travels around the world collecting data and performing experiments.
Klein, Billie I am currently studying psychology and Spanish at the College of Saint Benedict. The spring semester of 2010 I am spending in Guatemala with a study abroad program. There am I attempting to solidify my Spanish skills. After graduating from Saint Benedicts I plan to attend graduate school to receive a Ph. D in psychology. For at least part of my graduate experience I plan to study in a Latin American country and hope to complete an intercultural thesis. In the future I hope to work with Latino youths in the United States as a psychologist. I feel many communities fail to reach out to Latino youths with compassion and cultural understanding, and as in most cultures psychological aspects are most often ignored. It is my wish to change these norms and work from an enlightened perspective to aid this extremely at risk group in the United States.  
Noel, Elena I am currently a student in my third year at the College of Saint Benedict. I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2011 with a major in Biology and a minor in Hispanic Studies. I especially have an interest in medical sciences and I am part of the Pre-medicine program at CSB. After graduation I hope to enter into a MD-PhD dual degree program where I can pursue my interest in both research and patient care


Events and Dates



Important Documents.  Complete and return to Dr J immediately after spring break (requires passport number)  Need to update these forms for the 2010 group!

Follow the sample form when you fill out the SWU form.  Instead of 1 semester, put down Summer Research May 15-June 30. 

Likewise use the sample form when you fill our the Visa application with the following changes: 

  • For # entries:  Single Entry

  • Date of 1st entrance:  Say May 12 to be on the safe side

  • For Counties, Cities and Provinces, say:  Beijing, Chongqing, Beibei, Chengdu

  • Longest Stay:  55 days

  • Links from the Education Abroad Office

    Orientation Session 1:  February 18, 2010, 7:00 PM, CSB.  Room: ASC 104

    Orientation Session 2:   March 30, ASC 104, 7:15 pm.  ASC,  CSB. 

    Orientation Session 3:  April 12, ASC 104, CSB

    Predeparture:  May 4, ASC 104, 1:00-2:00

    1. Health and Emergency Contact Form.  This is an on-line form the students complete.  Students should log on (using their CSB|SJU information) and complete the necessary information. 
    2. Waiver of Liability form for short-term study abroad can be found at:   The students should print the cover page to be signed by them and their parents.  (They should read the PDF�s which are attached to the forms.)  If they have any questions they can feel free to contact you or I.  Please collect all of the waiver forms from the students and submit them to OEA.

    May 12: (Wed) Departure for China

    May 17:  (Monday) Departure from Beijing to Chongqing (see schedule below)

    June 26: (Saturday) Return to USA

    August 6: End of research at CSB/SJU; Chinese students return to China on ??.

    Internal Flight Information:  For internal flights, go to the airport in time, find an Air China counter, show your passports and you'll be checked in.

    Remember to bring

    Health items to bring

    Baggage InfoNorthwest Airlines

    Checked Baggage Weight and Measurement:  Baggage is measured by adding length, width and height to determine the total number of linear inches/centimeters.

  • Northwest will accept baggage up to a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a total linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm) per piece.
  • Additional charges apply for baggage weighing more than 50 pounds (23 kg) or with a total linear dimension of more than 62 inches (158 cm) per piece.
  • For domestic and trans-Pacific travel, the maximum weight accepted for any piece of checked baggage, including special baggage items, is 100 pounds. For trans-Atlantic travel, the maximum weight accepted for any piece of checked baggage is 70 pounds
  • Lab Expections at SWU


    I would like everyone to write a blog describing their general experiences (in and out of the lab) in China.  This will be available to all through the CSB/SJU Center for International Education Weblog and Chatroom Page.   Use good judgment in your posts.  Here are the important links to get you blogging.  Tell your family and friends about it.

    General Travel from the State Department: Travel and Business




    Weather in China

    General China Information

    Required/Recommended/Fun Books

    Books About China