Collegeville/St. Joseph, MN      Beibei, Chongqing, China

Program Description

To continue and strengthen our relationship between the College of St. Benedict (CSB)/St. John's University (SJU), USA, and Southwest University (SWU), China, and to provide busy science majors an opportunity to study and travel abroad, we have developed a summer research exchange program between CSB/SJU and SWU. 

Housing: Chinese students will be housed in the same facilities on campus as CSB/SJU students. CSB/SJU students who travel to SWU will be housed in the International Student Dormitory.  Housing expenses for both CSB/SJU students at SWU and SWU students at CSB/SJU will be completely covered by the host instutitons.

Food:  The cost for food is covered for your at both CSB/SJU and at SWU.

Support:  You will receive the same salary paid to CSB/SJU students who participate in the 10 week residential program at CSB/SJU.  You will receive your first payment after you return from China.

Travel:  CSB/SJU and SWU students will pay for their own transportation costs to and from CSB/SJU and SWU and within each country.   CSB/SJU students will fly to and from China as a group on the same flight.  Lodging, food, and sightseeing costs for the first weekend of sightseeing in Beijing, Shanghai, etc will be paid by students. Cost of weekend travel for students during their stay at SWU will be covered by the students. 

Students must also cover the cost of their passports and visa application to China.

Selection Process:  Students should submit application forms by Monday, January 28, 2008 to Dr. Bill Lamberts, Biology Department.  Selection of students into the program will occur no later than February 11, Monday, to ensure that student will have sufficient time to obtain passports and visas.

Orientation: There will be a series of orientation sessions in Spring 08 for students who are selected into the program.  They will consist of important information about how to travel to, life, work, and thrive in China.  Dates will be announced.

Application Forms:  All forms except the Health and Dietary Information Form should be printed  filled out by the appropriate person, and mailed by campus mail to Dr. Bill Lamberts, Biology Department, Science Center, Room 353, SJU (Telephone: 3160). Submit the Health and Dietary Information form online.

1.  Department Forms: Summer Undergraduate Research Applications.  Please get these from the department in which you would like to do research.  For students interested in biochemistry, choose the form for the department in which your probable research mentor is housed.  In addition to submitting this form to Dr. Lamberts, please give an additional copy to the appropriate faculty member in the department you wish to work.  Indicate on this form that you are applying for the Summer Exchange Program.

 2.  Summer Student Research Exchange Program Application FormDownload this form and complete it using MS Word 2007.

3.  Forms required from the International Education Office (required for all students participating in study abroad experiences.

4.  Reference Form:  Have a faculty member in the department in which you plan to do research complete this form.

5.  Agreements/Waivers Signature Form (this form must be signed)

Selection Criteria for CSB/SJU Students

Summary of Important Dates: 

For more details contact Dr. Bill Lamberts