Explanations of German Grammar.  One excellent way to increase your fluency in spoken and written German is to browse through Grammar explanations wherever you can find them, jotting down the ideas that are new to you, or in some way practicing new grammar concepts.  Many of the following ideas in German Grammar you will know, but it's always good to get explanations from several perspectives.  Try the exercises  to see how fluent you are!

German Grammar
Review & Exercises
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Grammar of German  




     Schade verb list plus prepositions

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     Deutsche Grammatik 


Internet Handbook of German Grammar

Adjective Endings
Weak declension pattern | Mixed declension pattern | Strong declension pattern

Pronouns, Personal Pronouns
Reflexive Pronouns | Possessive Pronouns | Demonstrative Pronouns | Relative and Interrogative Pronouns | Indefinite Pronouns

Verb Definitions, and basic conjugations

Auxiliary Verbs, Modal Verbs, Verb Sequence Rules
Auxiliary Verbs | Verb Sequence Rules I | Modal Verbs| Verb Sequence Rules II

Verb Inflections
Introduc. + Application Notes I | Application Notes II | Inflections Active Voice | Inflections Werden Voice| Inflections Sein Voice

Subjunctives and Indirect Speech
Preface | Application Indicative; Konjunktiv I | Appl. Konjunktiv II | Appl. Würde form| Appl. indirect speech| English Grammar Rules

A Short Conversational Grammar With Annotated Corrections

Adjective Endings
The Conditional
Indirect Speech
The Subjunctive: The Konjunktiv I
The Subjunctive: The Konjunktiv II