Here are some tips from former students about where they stayed in each city.  You may wish to print a copy of this.  Here are the questions I asked:


What's the name and phone number of the place?  (hint: if none given, try Google)

a.  How was the location?  How long did it take to get to the center of town?

b.  What was the cost per person?  What kind of rooms?  How long did you stay?

c.  What were the main advantages or disadvantages? 

d.  If you had it to do over again, where would you stay?

e.  Best activities for this city or place?





Happy Inn Lodge   

Rosenstrasse 17 · 3800 Interlaken · Switzerland
phone +41 (0)33 822 32 25


 a. The locations was great. Right next to the shopping and train station.

b. The cost was approximately $40 per night. Very nice rooms, we stayed for 2 nights.

c. Adv: Surrounded by the mountains, attached to a great restaurant with great beer!

   Disadv: Not many students or younger people were staying there.

d. Balmers, due to the student population.

e. All of the extreme sports and working your way up the mountain. Going up the gondola was a once in a lifetime experience.


a. The location was nice it was 5 min from the Westbahnhof, and right in the middle of the city.  You walk out the door turn right and you are in the center of town.

b. The price was anywhere from 19 CHF to 38 CHF and we had a nice private double room, very clean and worth the little extra to have it private.  They also have bunk rooms with anywhere from 3-8 people.  We stayed at the hostel from 2 nights.

c. There was a restaurant right downstairs, the staff all spoke perfect English and were very honest about what and what not to do, and also very helpful in planning a day full of events, with budget in mind.  The only disadvantage is that there was no real nightlife at the hostel.

d. Some others that we traveled with stayed at Balmers, and we visited them, the environment was a little less helpful, but it was more of a party place.

e. We were unable to do any extreme sports because of the weather, but we took a cable car ride up in the Alps which was amazing.



Blamer's herbage




a. it is right in between both train stations in Interlaken and in the center of all the touristy stuff.  good location,

b. it cost 24-27 euro a night for a 10 person dorm room. 

c. the door doesn't lock and there are tons of people, so always keep your valuables with you.

d. all the places to stay were nice in Interlaken, i wouldn't mind staying anywhere.

e. "extreme sports"--do them, spend the money.  you will have the time of your life.


a.  Balmers was about a 10 minute walk from the center of town.  The location was very good.

b.  It was approximately 15 euro per night.  We had a room with 10 beds in it.  We stayed for 3 nights.

c.  We were not able to lock our room, and we were not able to enter our room from 1030 am to 4 pm each day.

d.  I would stay in Balmers again, it had a very unique atmosphere and it was fun.

e.  The extreme sports for sure!  The scenery is beautiful as well.


a. Excellent location, it is in the middle of about everything!  I think we were about in the center of town.

b. it was 27 Franks a night.  It was dorm style rooms, with bunk beds.  There are not bathrooms in the rooms.  We stayed for two nights.

c. Advantage - in the middle of town, nightlife is right there, and you can meet many neat people!  There are also internet cafes right near by.  Disadvantages - You might have random roommates and you have to walk to the coed bathrooms.  You also need to be out of your room from 10:30 to 4:00.

d. I would stay here again!  I loved this place!  Make sure to bring your own towel though.

e. Extreme sports - i went paragliding - which was an amazing view of the alps.  I also went white water rafting, which was another scenic ride.  AWESOME place!


a. The first night we stayed at Hotel Krebs which was an up scale hotel, because it was our last hope before sleeping at the train station.  Yet it was very nice.  I think that it came down to 100 euros for each person.  But the second and third night we stayed at a Balmers hostel.  We were in a perfect location in the middle of town.

b. To stay at Balmer’s, it was around 25 euros per person per night.  The rooms were co-ed and we stayed in a 10 person room for 2 nights.  It worked out wonderfully for the amount of people that we had traveling and our other roommate was great.

c. The main advantages was that it had internet right around the corner, breakfast and a bar located         down the stairs, and all of the activities that you wanted to do could be purchased at the front desk.

d. If I had to do this trip over again, I would still stay at Balmer’s.

e. The activities that I did were Parasailing and white water rafting.  It was a blast.  Also, there are so many little shops to go to and biking around different trails would be great as well.


a.  Location was okay.  It was a little bit of a walk from the train station, but you wouldn't need to be any closer.  Most activities you would arrange with the hostel.

b.  It was fairly inexpensive.  Probably about 25 US Dollars a night.  The rooms were very nice and CLEAN!!!  I stayed here for 5 nights

c.  Only disadvantage was the distance from the train station.  But alll activities could be arranged through the hostel which was really convenient.

d.  YES YES YES!  It was one of my favorite places in the world!

e.  Enjoying the scenery and trying the extreme sports.


The location was fine.  It was a little hike from both train stations, but we went in the cold, rain and it was fine.  There is also a bus stop close by and it is pretty cheap to ride.  The hostel itself was the nighttime hotspot for people our age.  Town was probably a five or ten minute walk. 

b. A private four person room was $33 Swiss Francs per person and a 10 person mixed dorm was $27 Swiss Francs.  There are a variety of rooms that can accommodate different amount and genders of people.  We stayed for 3 nights.

c. I really enjoyed this hostel.  Everyone was nice and around our age.  It was a fun place that really made the city enjoyable.  They were willing to help schedule activities and had a lot going on at the hostel itself. 

d. If I did it over again, I would definitely stay at the same place. 

e. There are a lot of extreme sports.  I went canyon jumping, white water rafting, and canyoning.  One day we also rented little 2 person cars and drove up to Trummelbache Falls. 







hotel touriste and Balmer's


a.excellent. both places were in great locations and pretty much in the center of town

b.hotel was 30 and Balmer's was 24. Balmer's was a room of 10 but you can get more private rooms. We were there for 3 nights and that was long enough.

c.Adv- Balmers was cheaper and closer to the bars and extreme sport stuff Disadv- you can't get into your rooms during the day due to cleaning.

d.I would stay at Balmers but would get there closer to check in time (3:00) and would make sure i got everything i might need out of my room by 10:00

e.hangliding and Canyoning! Good shopping too but very expensive.








The Lounge Mariahilferstraße137 +43 1 897 23 36


a. Definitely my favorite city.  Not only is it the birthplace of western coffee, but also the main seat of one of the greatest ruling families of all time, the Hapsburgs.  We stayed at the original Wombats hostel.  It was a blast.  It was clean enough and safe as far as I could tell.  The other people that stayed there were usually good college people.  The only downfall was that you were not provided with a towel, but the drinks were reasonable and they also had food at all times.  The location was good in that it was right next to the train/trolley/bus stations.  However, there are two train stations.  Thus, one may have to travel to the other one when departing depending on where he is going.  We had to, but it wasn’t that bad if you find the right train.  If not, the taxis weren’t bad—just ask how much it is before you get in.  I do not regret staying at wombats at all. 

e. We did a bus tour of the historical district in Vienna that also took us on a tour of Schönbrunn Palace.  Definitely worth it.  To get tickets one has to walk towards the historical district, the buses load right in front of the opera hall.  Doing the bus tour was nice in that we got to see everything in the city with an explanation.  This better allowed one to go back on foot and see everything in more depth.  I would recommend going to every coffee shop you can find.  Also, after I was done touring part of the historical district one day it started to rain.  I went to the Da Vinci code at one of the movie theatres on Maria Strasse, which has movies in English.  Other than the coffee, music, museums, and palaces, I would suggest hanging out in the parks and gardens as Vienna is 50% parks.  And there is some cool boat clubs and activities on the river there, but it was too cold when we were there. 




a. Wombats Hostel, affordable, a great time, meet a lot of good people, close to westbahnhof

b. 18 dollars a night, dorm style rooms - have own bathroom and shower

c. Advantage - great atmosphere

d. Will go back if in Vienna again

e. Take a tour of the city the first day and then go back and pick the places you want to go to, Has great parks, Good market to eat at, Royal homes have amazing gardens


a. It was very close to everything that we wanted to do, as well as to the train station.  It has a perfect location.

b. We shared an 8 person room.  It is a brand new hostel so the rooms were very nice.

c. I really enjoyed where we stayed.  There was a bar in the hostel and it was fun to meet people from all over.

d.  I would stay here again.

e. We took the tram around the city to get a sense of where we were which really helped.  We also went to Schönbrunn palace which was beautiful and very interesting.  We also visited a few churches.


a. The location was great, in the middle of downtown and next to everything.

b. The cost was about 20-30 bucks per night. The rooms were 4-6 person rooms, and we stayed for 2 nights.

c. Adv: Surrounded by travelers our age and very friendly, great location and price. Disadv: If you have a problem with sharing a room with someone you don’t know.

d. I would stay at Wombats again, great experience.

e. Great shopping!!!


a.Wombat Hostel, the location was a couple blocks away or a bus ride away from all the sights!

b.  20 Euro a night, we stayed for 2 nights, and we were all in one room(five of us)

c.  it was clean and very secure, it had a bar in the basement, it had free internet, it was a fun atmosphere.

d.  i would stay at any wombats hostels if i had to do it over again!  it was great!

e.  all the castles and the zoo, shopping, and the city atmosphere!


a.  We stayed at Wombat's, so the location was a little out of the center of town.  I do not know a phone number for Wombat's, but   It was about a 10 minute walk to get to the center of town.  The walk wasn't a deterrent because the hostel was a great place to stay. 

b.  The cost was, if my memory serves me correctly, 17 Euro a night for a dorm type room.  It was a nice sized room with 4 beds in it.  We stayed for 3 nights total. 

c.  The main advantages of it were the price, location to the train station and the fact that it was all travelers (roughly our age) staying there.  It provided a great opportunity to meet tons of other travelers and trade stories during the adventure.  The disadvantage was that it was so far away from the heart of the city.  Otherwise it was a great hostel with very friendly staff.

d.  I would stay at Wombat's again.

e.  The best activity was taking a city tour on a bus.  We did that on the first day and it gave us a great grip of the city, what to see and provided us with a lot of useful history and information.  The bus tour also provided us with a guided tour of the Schoenbrun palace also.  Other things were seeing some museums or visiting the beautiful city park spaces.



 a. The location was awesome, it was about 5 min from the Haupbanhof and the main shopping strip.  The Hapsburg summer and winter homes were both quite close as well.

b. The price was 18 Euro for a room with 3 to 6 people.  The rooms were actually quite spacious and they also provide you with your own locker to keep any valuables safe.  The room also has its own shower and toilet.  We stayed at the hostel for 1 night.

c. The staff was very friendly and the whole hostel was very inviting to young people.  The Wombar is located right down stairs and has very well priced drinks and food.  They also provide you with laundry facilities and a community kitchen to make your own food.  The map you receive when you walk in is great because it lists many places, such as sights, restaurants, clubs, and bars that are very well priced, they certainly try to help you stretch your Euro.  The only disadvantage is that the bar can get quite crowded at night because it is a real fun place to be.

d. Without a hesitation I would stay at Wombats again.  It was very well priced and I felt safe and secure the entire time I was there.

e. Sightseeing at the Hapsburg palace.  The weather was not very nice while we were there, but we gave ourselves a self tour of the city.  There is also a ton of shopping to on the main block of the city.  It is a very large place so I am sure there are many more things we were not able to do that would have been a great time.




a. The location was good. It was close to the center of town

b. Prices were 23 euro a night. The rooms were fine. Typical hostel set up. Group restrooms and showers. The facilities were nice and the staff was friendly.

c. It was very quiet around there which was both an advantage and a disadvantage.

d. I would stay there again but I might try something new and more exiting for variety

e. We were not there too long but walking around the old city is nice and tasting some of the food and delicious beer is good.








a.  We stayed at a random hotel that was an attic of what seemed like an apartment!  I don't know the name of it, but if i would have done it again, i would have gone to a hostel instead!

b.We stayed for one night and it was one big four person room.  It was probably 20 euro each.

c.  it wasn't worth the money...i would have definitely gone to a hostel.

d.  Hostel!

e.  See all of the canals, explore the old town, Church of Saint Marco, take a gondola ride, feed the birds right outside of the church!


Hotel Caprera


a. right by the train station.

b. 90 a night for two. nice rooms but not air conditioning. 4 nights

c. advantages: close to the train not have to travel far with your bags. disadvantages: kind of far away from st. marks square

d. i would stay at the same place

e. st. marks square, murano and burano islands


a. It was a couple minute walk from the train station

b.about 85 euros for a double room, we stayed for 4 nights

c.there was a internet cafe right next door, no elevators

d. i hotel that has an elevator because my bag was really hard to haul up 3 flights of stairs

e. Murano, glass making island, Saint Marks, wander around the city






Strawberry Youth Hostel 


a. a little ways (10 mins maybe) from the station and close to the main street. kind of hard to find. 

b. 43.20 euro each person for two nights for a 4 bed dorm, bathroom ensuite.

c. it was very clean but the breakfast was not worth 4 euro.  it was a little difficult to find and no one in slazburg speaks english.

d. the strawberry was nice.

e. Sound of Music tour or the Salt mine tour.  Ask for a student discount when you book the tickets at the reception desk.


a.  Strawberry Youth Hostel was about a 10 minute walk from the center of town.  The location was nice, right along the river.

b.  It was around 20 euro per night.  We had a private room with 3 beds and our own bathroom.  We stayed 2 nights.

c.  We did not have any AC.

d.  I would easily stay here, one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in for the price.

e.  Several neat tours you can do - Sound of Music, Salt Mines, etc.


a. It is about a 15 minute walk from the train stration and center of town.  Very close to all of the tours (Sound of Music, etc.)  There are also great resturaunts around the hotel. 

b.  We stayed here for two nights.  The hotel rooms were very nice -- private bathrooms!!  The price was about 22 Euros, which was excellent.

c. Advantages :  private bathroom, very quiet at night, FREE internet, and cheap breakfast.  Disadvantages: none!  I really liked this hostel!

d. For sure here! :)

e. Sound of Music Tour, Salt tour, and I wish I would have had time to go up the mountains!


Location was close to the train station and good location for activities.

b. We snuck me in so the cost was cheaper but i think it was about 22 a night normally. Four person rooms and there were great. Free internet in the lobby and 1 euro beers in the vending machine. we stayed for two nights.

c. Advantage, it was right on the river and i can;t think of any disadvantages.

d. I would def stay there again. Only try to spend much longer there.

e. I went on the Salt mine tour and we got a bonus tour included on the way. They also have ice caves (which i really wanted to go to) and the sound of music tour.


a. It took us about a 15 minute walk from the train station to get to our hostel called the Strawberry.  It      was located right near a river and town was located across the bridge from us.

b. We stayed there for two nights and it was around 20 euros per person per night.  We stayed in a 4 person room which worked out wonderfully.  In our room we had our own shower and bathroom to use.

c. The main advantages for this hostel was the free internet usage, our own bathrooms, and we could      book our activities at the front desk. 

d. I would still stay at the Strawberry again, because for what we paid it was a nice place to stay.

e. Some people in our group did the Sound of Music tour which they said was a lot of fun.  I did a Salt mine tour which was nice.  Our bus drove past the Eagle’s Nest of Hitler and we saw his drive way, then we went on our tour and afterwards our bus stopped at a little town where we could get ice cream and wander around for a half an hour


Hotel lasserhoff



a. 3 blocks from the train station. took 10-15min to walk to center of town

b. 120 a night. good showers. no air confitioning. 1 night

c.advantages: free internet and breakfast included disadvantages: no air and small rooms

d. i would stay at a hostel

e. sound of music tour, salt mines tour, shopping, mozart tour


a. easy to get to from the train station

b. 60 euros, for a small double, one night

c. free internet

d. elevator, but no air which we needed

e. sound of music tour, shopping


We stayed in a bed and breakfast with a women named Brigitte Lenglachner.  Her phone number is 0 66 2413 8044


a. It was a bit of a walk to town, maybe about 10 minutes

b. It was only about 18 euros per person per night, and that included a breakfast which she brought to us.  We shared a triple and a double room.

c. There really wasn't anything negative about where we stayed, except that the walk was a bit far. But Brigitte accommodated us with whatever we wanted.  She gave us directions to places, set up tours for us (which picked us up at her house), and recommended things to do.

d. I would definitely stay with Brigitte again.

e. We went on the sound of music tour which was a lot of fun.  Hellbrun castle was one of my favorite places, and then climbing up to the fortress is interesting as well.



a.  10-15 minute walk from train station

b.  About 40 euros per person for two nights.  Caitlin and I shared a room with a double bed and a sink in the basement.  Sam, Jessie, and Sarah shared a triple room with a sink.  The bathroom was down the hallway.  We stayed two nights.

c.  Advantages:  Reasonable cost; continental breakfast; Brigitte helped arrange Sound of Music Tour.  Disadvantage- We were not within walking distance of the Old City.

d.  Brigitte's

e.  Hellbrunn Castle-trick fountains, Fortress, Sound of Music Tour


Centro City Hotel     


24 Auerspergstr.


a. Excellent location. 8 mins from the train station and about 8-10 mins from “old town”

b. We had a double room around 40 euro per person, per night.

c. Free breakfast in the morning.

d. I would do the Centro city over again, just because of its convenient location from the train station and Old Town.

e. Sound of Music tour, and walking around Old town. The churches are magnificent.



a.  We had to stay in a hotel b/c there was a holiday going on and all the hostels and many of the hotels were full.  It took us about 10 minutes to walk to the river/city center area.

b.  The cost was about $60 US dollars (I think) each for two double rooms.  It was VERY nice.  We stayed for 1 night only, then went to Munich early to meet the group. 

c.  It was very nice.  They stored or luggage all day while we toured the city before we left.  They had good information for things to do in the city and were very accommodating.  It was a little further away from the center of things, but the walk wasn't bad.   

d.  I would probably try to stay at a hostel, simply for the cost and experience, but it was nice to have a big bed in a nice hotel.

e.  Go up to the castle!!  Walk along the river, and among the shops on the side of the river.  The Sound of Music Tour - ONLY do it if you know a lot about it and are REALLY into the movie.   




  Wombats Hostel.


a. close to the train station, easy to find.  everyone speaks english.  clean.

b. 20 euro a night for a 8 person dorm.  door locks.

c. the bar there was fun, but no air and it's super noisy at night, so don't stay there if you want to sleep at all.

d. at a hotel or somewhere quiet with air conditioning.  if you want to stay there, DO NOT stay on the 1st/2nd floors.  the windows open right above the bar and you will get NO sleep.

e. shopping, the bar... eating out... movies in english



a. Great location - right near our hotel and about 10 minute walk to the center of town.  About 5 minutes from the train station.  Great shopping and food nearby!

b. Dorm style rooms, but you did get your own bathroom.  The price was 24 Euros about, but if you wanted a single or double room it was more.  I think you could get rooms for 6 or 8. 

c. Disadvantages - our room was right near the courtyard which was the bar so it was very noisy.  It also got very hot at night.  Advantages:  fun nightlife, nice location, cheap internet, laundry.

d. Wombats for one night, then the hotel we stayed at.

e. Everything that we did!!! I also wish I would have had time to go to the castle.  The bike tour, English Gardens, and Hofbräuhaus were awesome!


a. We went to Munich two days early and stayed those days at Wombats.  It was a great location and      only a block away from where we were meeting up with the rest of the group and right across the     street from the train station!  Plus, we were only five minutes away from town.

b. The cost for each person was around 20 euros per night.  We stayed in a eight person room, so we     had three other roommates which were wonderful and we all got along great.  We stayed at         Wombats for two nights.

c. There were many advantages for staying here.  First, our location was great only being a block away    from the train station and where we needed to meet everyone, we had internet right down in the            lobby, clean sheets and our own bathroom and shower.  Furthermore, they had there own bar           area and pool table inside.  I really don’t think that there were any disadvantages.

d. If I had to do it over again I would stay in the same place.

e. The Hofbräuhaus was amazing, and the shopping was great.  They had so many stores there, you       name it they had it.  And of course, the bike tour!


a. The location was awesome, it was right around the corner from the hotel that we stayed at as a group.  If we would not have got lost we were simply a stones throw from the Hauptbanhof, so you could go anywhere in the city via the subway quite easily.

b. The rate was 22 Euro for a 6 person room.  The rooms were exactly like the ones in Vienna, very clean, modern and nice.  We stayed at Wombats for one night before moving over to our group hotel.

c. The main advantage was that it was a young hip atmosphere.  There was a bar downstairs and always seemed to be people milling around.  It also provided an awesome map of the city was very inexpensive entertainment.  The only disadvantage is that it was much like a dorm, and could be quite noisy at night when you wanted to sleep.

d. I will stay at a wombats anywhere in the world.

e. There is tons to do in Munich, my favorite was simply walking and sightseeing.




Hotel Gasthaus,

a. The location was great.  The hotel was located less than a block off the Inn River in Innsbruck.  It was about a 10 minute walk from the train station, but a short bus ride solves that quickly.  The hotel was in the center of town, so it took no time to get there.

b. The cost was 50 Euro for the night.  Split three ways it was very reasonable.  We only stayed in Innsbruck one night.

c. The owner of the hotel was very nice and accommodating.  The only real disadvantage was that it was about a 10 minute walk from the train station.  The bus routes came right by where we needed to get dropped off, so it was no big deal how far it was from the train station.  Also, the hotel was very clean and safe.

d.  I would stay in the exact same place if I went to Innsbruck again.

e.  The best activities for Innsbruck: hiking up the mountain side, visiting Olympic village, walking around the town, the Hofburg palace were all great activities during the one day visiting Innsbruck.


a. perfect location, across river, quiet, comfortable beds, breakfast included

b.50 dollars for a double, small rooms, perfect for just sleeping, stayed one night

c. Advantage - close to everything, clean, friendly staff/ disadvantage - not too close to train station, shower and bathroom are not in the room

d. Would stay here

e. Went to olympic village, hike the hills, if time - would have rode gondola to top, Go to Magic Pizza. Great park to walk around in downtown


a. It was very affordable, in a great location (right on the river and very near the historic district, had great owners, a bar underneath, with the most comfortable bed I slept in the whole trip.




e. We were only there for a night and a day, but there was a great beer hall near the university there.  Also, magic pizza (right by the river in the historic district) had the best pizza of the entire trip. One is also able to hike the alps (or take a Gondola) by taking a cheap and efficient train or bus to Igles village (where the Olympics were held twice).  What made our experience all the better was that there was a village festival going on in Igle when we were there.  After we were done hiking we went into the tent where the whole of the village was dressed in traditional garb with a band.  We had liters of beer and schnitzel with the villagers there.  There is also a restaurant in the mountains above Igles, which we were told was a good place to go.  We walked up to it and it was impressive but we didn’t eat there.  The view was magnificent though.  We also toured the Hapsburg palace and musem in Innsbruck, which I loved.  Oh, there is also a very nice bar/lounge in the park outside the palace that is open at night.  To get in one has to be dressed very nice.  I went in: many attractive women; very expensive drinks.






Advantage Hostel 


a. very cheap, breakfast included, comfortable beds, not too far from a  train stop

b. Around 15 dollars a night - dorm style rooms

c. Advantage - cheap and breakfast included, quiet at night/ Disadvantage - in older building, have to use central bathroom

d. I would try to stay closer to downtown so I would not have to worry about getting back after the trains stop

e. Prague castle a must, take a city tour to see everything, go to the communist museum, Feel free to ride the train from one end of the city to the other, it is a great way to see things, A very affordable city


a. I can't remember the name of the place but we booked through the guy right under the stairs as you enter the main area of the station. He put us right in old town and it was perfect.

b. We got it 60% off booking through him and got a beautiful place for 20 a night. The room had fridge and stove and four beds. We were there for two nights.

c. Adv-great place at cheap price. Dis-we payed for breakfast in advance and didn't make it to the second one and lost 5 euro each...but that's not all that big a deal.

d. I would stay there again but might rethink the breakfast thing.

e. The St. Charle's Bridge and the main square and great to see. Also, cross the bridge to see the castle. It is well worth the ridiculous walk up the hills.


a.  The location of Hostel Advantage was great.  The subway system was easy to navigate and allowed us to get to our hostel in a short amount of time after getting off the train.  The hostel was located less than a block away from a subway so it provided easy access to all parts of the city.  It was less than five minutes to whatever destination we choose by the subway.

b.  The cost of a dorm room with five beds in the room was 400 kc a night.  We stayed two night at Hostel Advantage.  The staff was very friendly and receptive.  There was also two computers in the lobby with free internet access. 

c.  The main advantages is that it was in a quiet area of the city, but yet was still very close to everything.  It wasn't that far of a walk, if we opted to walk instead of take the subway, to many shops, restaurants, or attractions.  The only disadvantage was that the walk to the Hostel was uphill for about 3/4 of a block.  Being that was the only disadvantage, it was very good stay.

d.  If I went back to Praha, I'd definitely stay at the Hostel Advantage again.

e.  First of all, I'd tell anyone traveling to Praha to buy a 3 day subway/bus/tram pass. It only cost 220 kc and that way it makes it very easy to travel around the city without having to walk and it saves a lot of time!  Two really cool museums were the Communism Museum and the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments.  There was a whole slew of "City Walks" tours also that were really great.  The guides were very helpful and informative.  Prague Castle was also a must see during a visit to Prague.


The Condor


a. The location was very good. It was close to the old town square and the St. Charles bridge.

b. The price was 25 euro a night. The rooms were not great. They were small and hot. Also the group facilities were not that great. They were small and uncomfortable.

c. The location was clutch but the hostel itself was not great for the price

d. I would not stay there again because other people in the group found a better priced nicer hostel with similar location (also it had a beday-big points).

e. Prague is a blast there is awesome architecture to see and form what I remember the night life is a crazy.



a.  Our apartment was about 10 minutes from the center of town.  I am not sure of the name of the apartment, but we got it thought the hostel place at the Prague train station.  The location was pretty good, given the price.

b.  It was only 20 euro per night for a 3 room apartment!  It was a great deal.  We had 3 big beds for four people and it had nice amenities.  We stayed for two nights.

c.  I really had no complaints about this place.

d.  I would stay in this apartment again, easily.

e.  Walk around, go see Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, enjoy the beauty of the city.


Shelter Pension


a.  We stayed at Shelter Pension (a hostel of some sort).  It was 1 block off the main drag (it took about a 2 minute walk to get to the center, if that.   

b.  It was the best hostel we stayed at.  The building is VERY creepy and old, but the actual hostel is nice.  We had our own apartment practically - wood floors, kitchen, computer area with free internet, bathroom with shower, and then there were 3 big rooms with beds and dressers/armoirs - used depending on how many people were staying.  Each room had locks on it and we got a set of keys for all doors to get into the building all the way to our room.  It is owned by a man and a woman and they are very helpful and friendly.  It only cost us $15 US dollars a night.  We stayed 2 nights.   

c.  No disadvantages.  It was in New Prague, so we had a little bit of a subway ride to Old Prague, but it was just fine. 

d.  If not in a hotel, I would stay there again.  We didn't check many other hostels out though.

e.  Go visit the Prague castle on top of the hill in Old Prague, and the Old Prague Bridge.  Visit the cafes and shops along the river. 


a. We stayed at a place we found online called Shelter pension. Looked scetchy upon arrival, but turned out to be amazing.

b. It was only 15 american dollars a night and we had our own flat. Four of us shared a room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Towels and linens were supplied, as well as coffee and tea in the morning and free internet 24/7. It had a great location, about ten minutes outside of historic city prague.

c. Advantages: safe, low cost, clean, nice people, and great location.

d.I would stay there for a week!

e. Shopping was fun- things are very cheap! Historic prague is beautiful- a must see. Fun street vendors and very nice people.




Hotel Hirsch


don't remember the hotel

a. right in the middle of town

b. 160 a night. big room, nice beds, huge bathroom. 1 night

c.advatages: breakfast included, great room disadvantages: expensive

d. i would stay at a bed and breakfast

e. neuschwannstein castle, biking, hiking, shopping


a. in the center of town but a 5 minute drive to the castle

b.160 euros for a large double room, stayed one night

c.disadvantage no air, but it did have an elevator, breakfast in the morning

d. same hotel

e. the castle, hiking




Zurich -


Zic Zac Rock Hotel Marktgasse 17


a. The location was nice, it was only about a 5 min walk for the main train station.  It also situated us right in the middle of the city near all the sights.  It was also surrounded by the Zurich nightlife that on its own gives you plenty to do.

b. We paid a little extra and got a double private room, which was very nice and roomy.  The cost was 60 CHF, so a little expensive, but most things in Zurich are a little expensive.  The room had a large double bed and a TV, so we could indulge in some European entertainment as we relaxed.  For us Zurich was kind of a nice stop between Vienna and Interlaken, so we only stayed one night.

c. The main advantage was that we were right in the middle of town, all of the sights were within very close walking distance.  There was laundry, internet access, a bar, a restaurant and a helpful staff.  The hostel itself was not an extremely nice place, but it was by all means safe.

d. I would stay here again because the hostel was safe and the location was perfect.

e. For people that are our age the main thing to do is use Zurich as an excursion point into the Alps, but since we were already on our way to Interlaken we did not.  It was nice to see the city sights which are very walk able.  Taking an trip onto the Zurichsee would also have been really cool.


Hotel Hirschen



a.  The location was great...right in the middle of the old town and about a mile, mile and a half from the train station.

b.  It was expensive at $96 USD per night for a single room with a twin-sized bed and bathroom.  But since we only stayed one night, it was acceptable.

c.  Advantages:  clean, comfy rooms; very comfortable beds; great location; breakfast included

Disadvantages:  expensive;

d.  I would have made reservations at City Backpackers Hostel as it was full when we arrived.

e.  I did not spend a lot of time in Zurich exploring, but there seems to be a great nightlife scene and it's really clean with nice restaurants.  There is also a lake where you can swim or go boating.


Hotel Splendid


a. Good location. Near the train station and within walking distance of the river and the lake.

b. Price was like 40 euro a night. The rooms were nice but there were shared facilities. It is a cool facility  because the Splendid Bar is right underneath the hotel and they have good drink and live music.

c. proximity to the train station is nice their flexibility is nice but the price was not great

d. I would stay there again if I were in a similar situation (looking for a place late at night). I that if I had more time thought I would have tried to find a hostel in the same area

e. Zurich is very cool. The town is very modern, neat, and clean. They have beautiful women and the backdrop to the city, lakes, and rivers are all also very nice. Also the people are quite friendly.




Best Western


a.  We stayed at a Best Western in Torino.  It was located in the downtown area right by the train station. 

b. We got in late so there was not much open.  The cost was 80 or 90 euro for a night.  But that was for a two-person room. It was a very nice hotel.  We stayed for one night.

c. The advantages were that we could easily walk all over the city and that the hotel held out luggage for us all day.  The disadvantage was that it was a Sunday and everything in the city was closed.  There were a lot of cool stores, but we could only look. 

d. It I could do it again, I would like to stay in the same hotel, it was really nice, but would probably opt instead for a cheaper hotel or hostel.

e. We just walked around the city.  There was a place to learn information about the Olympics.  Other than that we just walked around and saw the gardens and a palace.