Honors 250 Humanities/Ethical Thinking in Global Context


This class engages students in serious conversations centered around a series of pivotal authors in our time.  The students explore the recent writings of Tim O'Brien, Andrei Maxine, J.M. Coetzee's, Philip Gourevitch, Abraham Verghese, and Arundhati Roy and, in the process find their own voices in writing and discussion articulating the ethical issues and choices of today's global times.
Humanities/Ethical Thinking in Global Context


Teaching in the Common Curriculum
Nick Hayes offers a First Year Seminar Course and an Ethics Course .


First Year Seminar -- The Fourth Seal: Epidemics and Society From the Black Death to AIDS takes an inter-disciplinary look of how society has responded to epidemics from medieval times to the present.



Ethics 390 -- War and the Memory of War in the Last Century -- examines how the First World War, Second World War, Vietnam War, and the wars of the ex-Yugoslavia shaped the memory and culture of European and American civilization.
War and the Memory of War.