The Religions of the Siritean Empire

The Khzherre

In the Dwarven realms, many Celestials, collectively called the Khzherre, are held in reverence. There are three High Gods, Fengrim, the Forger, Mezhkhen, the Mason, and Belenth, the Shaker, nine Intermediate Gods, and 36 Attendants.

Each High God of the Khzherre is served by three Intermediate Gods and a panoply of Attendants (lesser deities and demigods) who seek to carry out the will of their deities. The attendants are all at least partially neutral in alignment, using what means they can to carry out this will.

Dwarven clerics will typically hold one of the Intermediate Gods as their primary deity. Through that deity, they also make their devotions to one of the three major deities.


Fengrim represents the precepts of Law in Dwarven society. More-precisely, he represents order and structure drawn from the Chaos of the Unformed in such a way that that which is now Formed cannot be returned to its true unformed state. A sword can never be turned back into the rock of its ore.


Mezhkhen represents the belief that within Chaos there exists Order, and within Order, there is Chaos. One cannot exist without the other. The Mason shapes formless rock into stoneworks; these can always be cast down, unshaped, and returned to formlessness.


Belenth stands in opposition to Fengrim. She seeks to return the Formed to a state of Chaos, devoid of order and structure.

Deity Domain Symbol Alignment Cleric Worshipper
Fengrim Law Hammer of the Forge Lawful neutral Lawful neutral any lawful
Mezhkhen Neutrality Hammer of the Builder Neutral Neutral any neutral
Belenth Chaos Hammer of Unmaking Chaotic neutral Chaotic neutral any chaotic

Lesser Gods and Attendants to Fengrim

Name  Alignment Rank Domain Glyph
Morodin LaGd Intermediate Justice
Arngrim LaNu Intermediate Need
Medhafal LaEv Intermediate Despotism
Rathmindol LaNu Sanctuary
Lenmay LaNu Absolution
Agmar LaNu Seeking Truth
Cheora LaNu Vital Energies
Ghiarp LaNu Secret Love
Ighezh LaNu Perfection
Kesithen LaNu Purification
Segova LaNu Revelation
Denorthro LaNu Honored Dead
Tronth LaNu Hope
Pejekhru LaNu Weaving
Perazhinth LaNu Guidance

Lesser Gods and Attendants to Mezhkhen

Name  Alignment Rank Domain Glyph
Grarnor NuGd Intermediate Weal
Lothin NuNu Intermediate Balance
Yethwir NuEv Intermediate Woe
Vekhtanth NuNu Vigilance
Shetipth NuNu Sundering
Etach NuNu Loss
Forzhegra NuNu Seeking Dead
Orbezhka  NuNu Recovery
Methingto NuNu Departure
Ashtūn NuNu Curiosity
Ro'yeles NuNu Observance
Avretha NuNu Mentorship
Shigezh NuNu Apathy
Gwatha NuNu Dreaming
Gallatis NuNu Illumination

Lesser Gods and Attendants to Belenth

Name  Alignment Rank Domain Glyph
Khachlen ChGd Intermediate Crusade
Pelthar ChNu Intermediate Caprice
Morgren ChEv Intermediate Annihilation
Surannum ChNu Concealment
Quarap  ChNu Seeing Beyond 
Khezhbek  ChNu Damnation
Mendheg ChNu Longing
Ethrūl ChNu Avarice
Allegrhūt ChNu Bound Dead
Tengejol ChNu Strife
Nokyoy'o ChNu Astonishment
Si'ezhen ChNu Destruction
Stong'sh ChNu Bewilderment
Jehildav ChNu Fear
Lekosht ChNu Thievery