The Religions of the Siritean Empire

K’kezri Quincunx (Opposition)

"What is Light, without Dark"?

– Legend

Drawing energies from the four elements and the negative material place, a number of deities act in opposition to the Vierkeill Quincunx. These are the deities truly held in worship by the chaotic and the evil individuals of the Empire, though few such individuals may openly profess the object of their devotion, preferring perhaps to offer the front of conformity. It is most likely the chaotic evil ones who will openly profess their beliefs. The chaotic neutral worshippers of the K'kezri must have strong tendencies toward evil to be accepted. 

Deity Domain Alignment Cleric Worshipper
K’kah Negative Material neutral evil neutral evil any evil; some ChNu
Vojenon Earth neutral evil neutral evil LaEv; NuEv
Kaaltes Air lawful evil lawful evil LaEv; NuEv
Tazhezu Fire chaotic evil chaotic evil ChEv; some ChNu
Aspirel Water chaotic evil chaotic evil ChEv; some ChNu

Followers of the K'kezri are, of course, drawn to play such vile games as "Paychecks and Papers."