The Birth of the Vierkeill and
the Creation of Taus Gaia

The Voidtime

In the ages before time was known, the Void was inhabited only by the Timeless Ones, the Vierhanne, the God Nurturers. The Vierhanne were Ka, the sower, Ol, the grower, Eu, the harvester, Te, the spinner, and Os, the weaver. At a moment of his choosing, Ka sowed the stars into the heavens. Ol tended and nurtured the stars, which soon grew bright and sent forth beams of starlight into the void. Eu harvested the starlight and set it at a place of his choosing, not seeing that a tiny star was in that place. This tiny star fed upon the starlight and soon began to grow. Ol saw this and tended it, nurturing it further and soon it grew to become the sun. From the light of this new sun, Te spun the sunbeams, things of greater substance and power than the starlight. From sunbeams, Os wove the five lands.

The Growing

The first land was thin and insubstantial. Te's sunbeams easily passed through it. The first land was called air, and from air, the Vierhanne grew Sair, the first Vierkei. When Os wove the second land, he wove more substance from the sunbeams, yet the sunbeams could still pass through it. The second land was called water, and from it was grown The Vierkei Quan. The third land was of such substance that it trapped the sunbeams in its grains. The third land is earth, and from it sprang Cheu. But the sunbeams held by the earth caused it to grow hot and turn into fire, and from this sprang the fourth land, the land of Krie. The four newborn gods were nurtured by the Vierhanne until they yearned to return to tending their stars, and perhaps grow more suns.
At this moment, they set the first lands together and from them, wove the fifth land, which has no substance and no name unto itself. The god-child of this land is Lios, who binds together the gods of the first four lands, and whose breath is Time. And now with Time upon them, the five Vierkeill knew change, and were set among the five lands to grow.

The Peopling of the Lands

And so one day, for now there was day and night, Sair felt a yearning for companionship with beings other than his brethren. So he went to Lios and asked that he weave together a being of high virtue, with a purity of thought to make a fitting companion. So Lios made a weaving, and from that were born the first of the Sairomue, the race of Elves. Cheu, seeing this, begged of Lios a people for his realms. And of this weaving, Lios formed the first of the Cheunomue, the race of Dwarves. Next, Quan too begged of Lios a people, even-tempered and practical, predictable as the flow of water. Only small waters are predictable, said Lios, and so the Quanomue, the race of Halflings became small of stature. Finally, Krie begged a people, bright of spirit. But they shall be as fire, said Lios, sometimes slumbering as a coal, sometimes fierce and raging, but always shall their brightness burn quickly. Thus were born the Krienomue, the race of Humans.

The K'Kezri

When Os wove the lands, and grew the Veirkei, he cast the chaff of his weavings into the the outer darkness. The chaff of the five lands grew in darkness and became the K'Kezri. And as the Veirkeill grew in light to know goodness, the dark nurturing the K'Kezri grew into their hearts as the dark of evil. The K'Kezri resented and hated the works done in light by the Vierkeill, and when the Vierkeill rested after growing Taus Gaia, the K'Kezri crept in to destroy it. But the light hurt and burned them, so to escape it, they tore a great rift in the land and hid themselves deep in Taus Gaia's heart.

The Rivening

When the Vierkeill awoke, they saw the rift that the K'Kezri had left from their hiding. So the Vierkeill closed it and sealed it, imprisoning the K'Kezri at the heart of Taus Gaia. The K'kezri lay in wait, corrupting the creatures who dwelt in the dark realms beneath the lighted lands.
At a time when they knew the light of a single Dancer would be all that illumined the lighted lands, they shook the lands and caused them to shatter. The Rivening lay waste to Taus Gaia, but the K'Kezri had freed themselves to spread their evil on the lands.