Northrop B-2 Stealth Bomber


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11/3/2010 - Hmm... here's another kit that managed to avoid any documentation during assembly. This one was a pig - for putty, that is. Assembly went well however the fit of most parts was only fair to poor with sizable gaps and steps that sucked up putty like crazy. There's a bit of trouble with the wing leading edge seams opening up too, despite using Tenax to cement them. I ended up applying some gap-filling superglue to those seams as well as putty. The fit of the canopy windshield was very gappy too and required some special care to mask the glazing in order to putty and sand around it. So finally, after several rounds of puttying and sanding I primed it... and then commenced touching up the putty in a few more areas and re-priming. The primer - Rustoleum #249088 gray "Ultra Cover" is very close to gunship gray in color. This Model Citizen is very tempted to just call this the main color.

IMG_5884.JPG (662822 bytes) IMG_5898.JPG (663760 bytes) IMG_5899.JPG (670444 bytes)


11/6/2010 - I airbrushed Model Master gunship gray over the primer and could only tell the difference from the change in reflectance. For all intents, that primer is gunship gray. I masked off wing edges and airbrushed them flat black. The exhausts area is Model Master titanium metallizer.

IMG_5902.JPG (614550 bytes) IMG_5903.JPG (606932 bytes)