Northrop YF-23 ATF


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11/6/2010 - Assembly... yup, done that over the past few years, off and on. This kit went together well. It's primed and painted Model Master gunship gray. Titanium and exhaust metallizers are on the engine exhaust and intake areas. The instructions call out radome tan as the color for the panel by above the intakes, but photos show this area is more like titanium in color.

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11/18/2010 - After a coat of gunship gray and gloss overcoat I applied the decals - or at least, applied the ones provided. There were some missing markings. The most noticeable ones are the white Northrop / McDonnell Douglas nameplates fore of the cockpit. It's being tricky to make a gunship gray "negative" of the lettering. The sheet also lacked the Pratt & Whitney "Eagle" logos on the intake outboard surfaces.

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