Fantasy Dragon & Arale

Dr. Slump

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US$ 8

Back in the '80s anime invasion, one of the weirdest - or at least weirdest for mixed company - was Dr. Slump. I mean, what can you say about a frumpy lecherous scientist with delusions of grandeur and studliness?
I'll leave discussion of the show for other sites and stick to the odd few kits that made it to these shores. Three of them are the Arale "fantasy" kits - dragon, lion and a wind-up Robby the Robot mash-up.


Assembled it and airbrushed base coats of zinc chromate (dragon) and radome tan (other characters) on the assemblies.


Got into a serious hand-paint mood, so I dug this out of its storage box and set to.

The eponymous "Fantasy Dragon" and its tackle...
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Dragon's Zinc Chromate overall, Wood breast, Metallizer steel & brass helmet & tackle, Insignia red saddle, Burnt sienna legging, "Insignia purple" boots (1:1 mix of Insignia red and blue), Cobalt canteen. Eyes are Insignia yellow overcoated with Tamiya transparent yellow.

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Humbrol mauve hair, Metallizer steel & brass hardware, Insignia yellow shorts, Wood boots, Military brown gloves, Blue Angel blue eyes. Cabochons are Tamiya transparent red over Acryl pearl white. Scabbard Testors icky gloss brown and metallizer brass.

I have no clue why Microsoft's webware (Expressions) wants to make these photos portrait orientation. I shot them landscape and they came out of the camera in landscape. Well... it IS  Microsoft. I'm sooo looking forward to the day when the server guys at work get Webdav running so I can use Dreamweaver & my Mac for this.

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Supporting cast...

Tori (upper) & Gatchan (lower) 

Tori: Burnt sienna, Testors orange (later re-done using a wood/yellow-tan mix

Tori's pen - Testors rubber, brass

Gatchan: Revell matt red #8, Insignia blue, Steel, Brass, rubber.

IMG_4166.jpg (511836 bytes)


Primer gray basecoat, Durham's water putty dusting with flat black sprayed into the powder.

Later, finished off with sponge-stippled top coat of gray-brown and some green spots here & there. (see shots below)

IMG_4170.jpg (494747 bytes)

12/6/2009 - Details, details...

Dragon's saddle has since gotten a coat of Blue Angels blue with gold trim and other details. The scales shading is a wash of MM RLM-82 that I let flow into the cracks, then Testors (not MM) zinc chromate dry-daubed on with a cotton swab. Much of the other shading is Testors rubber and various colors darker and lighter than the base color being shaded. For example, the dragon's burnt sienna leggings are shaded with rubber and military brown; saddle with blue-black and cobalt blue and so on. Dragon's canteen and reins are tacked in place with CA glue and then weighed down until the CA sets - hence the tweezers and metal rod these shots.

IMG_4303.jpg (1996513 bytes) IMG_4304.jpg (1599131 bytes) IMG_4306.jpg (1531323 bytes)

That gaping hole in the saddle...? Before painting I had heated and re-shaped the saddle area so the Arale-chan figure would have a better seat.

12/14/2009 - The final push was on over the weekend... The washes, the highlights, the shading, and all that futzy stuff. Also, decide to have Ga-chan in a flying pose - I used a short piece of guitar wire as the mount.