Arion & Lesfina Figures

Tsukuda Hobby

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4/20/2010 - These had been long-assembled and waiting in the paint pile with some of the base colors done. I used two skin tone mixes for them:

Arion - 2 sand : 1 light tan : .5 gloss; tunic - raw sienna; sandals, belt - raw umber; armor - metallizer steel
Lesfina - 3 sand : 1 light tan : .6 gloss; dress - radome tan, raw umber; hair bows - insignia red

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Rather than use the provided bases I'm making a patch of ground for them using water putty on wood.

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4/23/2010 - The "Orphan Annie" look is gone. I dotted in some cobalt blue & black for the iris and pupil of their eyes.

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4/26/2010 - Rocked up the base with stones made from Durham's water putty coated onto styrofoam chunks, and gave it some primer.

The figures have short wires in their feet to mount them to the base.

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