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Fighter 1 and two Pirate craft, the Harpy, piloted by Norma, and Siren, flown by several unfortunate pilots, have been going through the build process pretty much in lockstep. Here's the Siren, assembled & base-color painted.

July, 2006 - Assembly took place several years ago, with occasional bits of work over the last few years. Then the Crusher Joe movie & OVAs came out on DVD. The sheer coolness spurred me to get going and finish these.

Siren's main color is Model Master enamel Forest Green FS34127.

Here they are masked for canopy painting and after canopy painting. I brushed Micro Mask around the canopies and then shielded the rest of the model with taped-on paper towel bits.

The canopy paint is a base coat of Acryl pearl with a Tamiya transparent orange overcoat.


Sirens's details are minimal - just Insignia white for the thrusters, and flat black washes.