Harlock's Messerschmitt BF109-g6

as appeared in
My Youth in Arcadia


Stated scale:


Actual scale:


Note: If Nazi swastikas offend you, do not view these images.

Topside view, aft | fore

Topside | Side | Other Side

Custom markings

Custom Pilot - Harlock


Overall length:



Number of parts:

~19 blue; 1 clear

Stand included?


Decals included?

yes, but I used aftermarket product & home-made ones

My Source:

local hobby store for stock kit

Cost (w/o s&h):

This model is a stock German Messerschmitt Bf109 G6 tricked out with a Harlock pilot and Tochiro's custom livery from the WWII segment of My Youth in Arcadia.