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Captain Harlock's Arcadia

(the 1/1600 green one, that is)

There are new Aoshima releases (as of March '04) of the "Outside Legend" Arcadia in a clean and weathered form - see HobbyLink Japan's Sci-Fi releases page (¥12,800 + shipping from Japan)

This is one of three model kits (that I know of) of the Arcadia. There's also a 1/1000 model of the green one, plus a 1/1500 model of the blue Arcadia.

Here's the box art from the three kits. Be careful not to drool into your keyboard.

For the scratchbuilders (ah heck, any Harlock fan), here are schematics of the green Arcadia:

I achieved the ocean lift-off effect in these mid-80's pictures by placing the model on crumpled & smoothed plastic wrap over a blue tablecloth. The lift-off wake is baking soda. Ain't it amazin' what you can do without computers?

green Arcadia, ocean liftoff


green Arcadia, ocean liftoff