Goliath, Robot & Sheeta

Tsukuda Hobby


Stated scale:

1/2000 Goliath
1/35 Robot & Sheeta

Actual scale:

Goliath - unverified
Robot - ~1/48


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Overall length:



Number of parts:

Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:


Cost (w/o s&h):

IMG_4227.jpg (629493 bytes) Goliath, ready for painting.

 5/15-2010 - Goliath with Afrika brown base color and the start of the leopard spots - a mix of insignia red & blue and military brown. Spots are being hand-painted with a paint brush stub.

IMG_5319.JPG (475117 bytes) IMG_5321.JPG (577783 bytes)

5/16/2010 - Starting to put it all together... The Gardener robot was finished in 2009, painted raw sienna with details in brass and insignia red. I added a green mantle using Liquitex acrylic tube paint. Sheeta is painted in white with Italian dark brown hair, pink Napoleonic crimson headband, and a start on her eyes - white with a dot of raw umber.

IMG_5323.JPG (472489 bytes)  IMG_5322.JPG (470368 bytes) "my, what big eyes you have"!