VF-1S Super Battroid



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local shop

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US$ 5.00

Much like my other Macross kits, I bought this back in the 80s when Macross was new & way cool. It's been in a box, waiting for the day...

It must have had something to do with watching the Macross DVDs. I just had to dig deep into the unbuilts. Worked on the sub-assemblies, did some puttying, sanding, filing.

IMG_5359.jpg (723762 bytes)

5/26/2010 - Hmm.. anything with paintable sub-assemblies...? *rummage*rummage*... oooh! So, after a brief round of some seam touch up and a dab or two of putty I can load up the airbrush with some mighty white paint.

IMG_5362.jpg (899329 bytes)

...but first, some Euro I gray on the exhaust-feet, knees, intakes, & insides of thruster halves; gunmetal on the gun; burnt sienna on the thruster bells.

7/7/2010 - It's finished. I guess I'll need to gather up all the pix shot in the last couple months.

I made a teal-gray mix for the "Super" add-on pieces. Details are insignia yellow, flat black, and Euro I gray.

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Once all the paint was done I gloss-coated the parts prior to decaling. The 20+ year old decals needed a coat of decal film to keep them from self-destructing. I used Micro-Sol to settle them to the irregular surfaces.

IMG_5457.JPG (567427 bytes) IMG_5458.JPG (443616 bytes)

After a flat coat to seal the decals I finished up with some light chalk weathering and shading