Black Tiger

Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers
Bandai EX Series


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styrene resin

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August 30, 2011 - I was saddened to learn that long-time friend Jerry Fellows passed away suddenly. Jerry and Steve Harrison were the two guys who got me hooked into anime back in the day, with all those wonderful, multi-gen VHS dubs of whatever we could get our hands on. At the forefront was Space Battleship Yamato. On the very next day, this kit arrived in the mail. I decided at that point that this build would be a memorial to Jerry.


IMG_0429.JPG (2178798 bytes) IMG_0430.JPG (2026184 bytes) IMG_0431.JPG (1865707 bytes) IMG_0433.JPG (1935971 bytes)

9/8/2011 - Initial construction over the past week has been simple and straightforward. I pre-painted some of the inner exhaust and rear panel pieces Metallizer stainless steel and flat black prior to assembly. This kit barely needed any seam work. There were a few gaps along the tail-fuselage seam and just fore of the side missile tubes that I puttied up.

8/14/2012 - This is a long-overdue update on this build. In the time since the last post this has gone through a lot of painting. I painted the kit overall RAF trainer yellow. After I let that cure for a week I masked off the areas to stay yellow. The belly got a coat of insignia white and the topside got semigloss black. After I removed the masking I had-painted additional details.

294861_2405490211749_1793557819_n.jpg (70640 bytes) 301535_2402096246902_143130643_n.jpg (82263 bytes) 317354_2405490771763_1079063098_n.jpg (44238 bytes) 318691_2405490891766_908937985_n.jpg (44384 bytes)