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SMS, St. Paul MN

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Snip - snip - glue - glue. The subassemblies are together - on to the filing.

2/1/2010 - And the puttying, and the sanding...

4/18/2010 - And the priming, which is almost the same as painting since I used black paint for primer.

5/5/2010 - And the detailing... For the egg, I stippled on green acrylic paint, lightened or darkened as I worked from top to bottom. I added some ochre and brown highlights and globbed some 5-minute epoxy into the top opening. I shaded the alien with dark green wash - just couldn't bring myself to using the violet color the instructions suggest. The alien's claws and teeth are done in Metallizer steel with gunmetal flowed into the recesses.  It's mostly done. Meoostly.

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More 5-minute epoxy makes drool around the mouth...

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