Robby the Robot

Forbidden Planet
Polar Lights

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Add this to the list of long-overdue kits finally released. This kit lets you build Robby in his first movie role from the 1956 classic Forbidden Planet or in his role as the Robotoid in Lost in Space's War of the Robots episode. And some other role with claws - working on tracking that one down.

Robby assembles reasonably well, though one problem with the legs requires some filing to fix. The leg fronts have a molding shortcut that results in a soft edge that doesn't match the hard edge on the legs' backsides. I ran a knife-edge file along the soft edge to cut into it and finished off the edge with a square file. There's still some clean-up work to do on this fix.

Side view of leg, before filing. Note soft edge on front of leg. Side view of leg, after. Front of legs viewed from foot-end, after.