Starcrafts' NSEA Protector
from Galaxy Quest

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Federation Models

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This is a very well-executed model that any Questarian will be proud to own. Since I haven't assembled it yet, it remains to be seen how stable the wings will be since they consist of three conjoined parts each. I anticipate using lengths of wire embedded in the pieces to ensure they stay together.

Sometime in... 2006? 2005? - This went together very easily. I did add wire pegs to the joins for the engine wing assemblies...

I cut short segments of wire, about 1/4" to 1/2", depending on the size of pieces being pegged. I used a 1/8" Dremel bit to rout out the holes. I removed the short pegs on the enginey piece before drilling in their place. I superglued the wires into the holes on one piece after a test fit. I then repeated the process for the join between pylon and aft enginey bit.  I used superglue to join the 3 wing parts together.

9/14/09 - After re-watching Galaxy Quest last Saturday, I got that itch... After another round of wire pegging for the join of the body pylon to engine arc I used 5-minute epoxy to join the wings to the hull. To make sure the wing assemblies stayed in alignment, while the epoxy set I used bits of clay to hold the main hull centered and level and to hold the wing assemblies level. I like doing this sort of assembly over a gridded cutting mat to help keep the parts aligned. And now, it's gonna need a bigger box.

Hmm... interesting news if this proves true... from the Questarian site:

From a review of the 2008 iHobby Expo, it appears that Pegasus Hobbies
will be producing a kit of the NSEA Protector

The iHobby Expo page shows a picture of the Protector that could be box art. The context is a hopeful sign, since Pegasus did release the other 4 kits depicted there. Also interesting is the listing of a Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) kit. Pegasus Hobbies' site lists the Protector kit as "Coming Soon."


Putty Putty Putty

Sand Sand

File File

Capture capture capture capture
reference stills from the movie
9/16/09 - Puttying over the deep-drilled round viewports, cuz they really should be rectangular. More putty, file, and sand work.

11/27/2009 - White primer over green putty... so much fun.

IMG_4238.jpg (552597 bytes)

4/18/2010 - Or rather, dark gray primer. With the release of the styrene kit of this from Pegasus, I've decided to make this over into an evil "mirror" version of the ship.

IMG_5123.jpg (475882 bytes) IMG_5124.jpg (436544 bytes)