"Captured Alien Attacker"

Independence Day


Stated scale:


Actual scale:


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Number of parts:

craft - 9
base - 4

Stand included?


Decals included?


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"Hey, we can make the surface detail on this just by tapping our fingers into goop."

That could sum up the approach taken by Lindbergh for this kit. While it captures the essences of the movie's alien ship kept deep in Area 51, it's a coarse approximation of the filming miniatures. Detail is very soft and, as intimated above, it looks like the surface detailing was made by finger-tapping some sort of goop onto the master. Several of the filming model's strut-like details that extend from the body to upper pod are missing from the kit. Parts fit is fair in general, however the nuke pod halves fit poorly and the main body has gaps which require extensive puttying. The nuke pod and its girder-y attachment struts are all part of the same two kit pieces, so much detail is missing here too. The movie's ship also had extensive "bumblebee stripe" markings border the repaired areas of the hull. Decals of this striping would have been a plus for this kit.