The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

Stated scale:


Actual scale:


IMG_4877.JPG (520907 bytes) IMG_4879.JPG (585151 bytes)

 IMG_4880.JPG (702021 bytes) IMG_4882.JPG (635134 bytes)

Overall length:


resin, metal

Number of parts:

24 resin
38 metal
1 clear plastic "crystal"

Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:

Starship Modeler

Cost (w/o s&h):


3/20/2010 - This has long been on my "get someday" list, and "someday" finally got here. Reshape's kit gives you a choice of building the time machine as either a scale miniature of George's vehicle, or building the tabletop test model that George used to send a cigar off to the future. That version would of course need a fancy display case too.

The parts are very finely cast in general, with little flash or pour stubs to clean up. One exception is the 3 red discs near the top of the vertical spindle of the dish armature. They will probably have to be replaced. Other "might have-tos" include a very careful clean-out or replacement of the brass beadwork on the chair side.

The decals include all the fancy filigree markings for the dish, generator, and console, though a "full-size" build will need another decal - the "mfd by H. George Wells" marking that's on the display panel.